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    any chance of a 1.6.4 backport given that most of us are still waiting on alot of other mods to update inc gregtech and such i know its a rather major ask but i feel this would be used alot right now on 1.6.4 and not so much on 1.7 till other mods catch up if they even do alot of devs have said there waiting for 1.8

    is anyone ever going to update this mod to 1.6.2/1.6.4 because it was by far one of the best rail mods in along time and im rather affraid im going to have to get rid of it when i update in afew days D'= bye bye half my worlds rail networks lol

    Geting the following Crash on any SMP server

    ok so what i found is if you have lets say a mk 3 extractor pipe from logistics pulling your items from the assembler and you try to put a full stack of the same item into the assembler before its done taking the items out it duplicates the item as in it refills the assembler and lets you keep the item so i tested this alot from 2 stacks of iron i got 200 stacks of refined iron using the method works with other things to carbon plates anything really works just needs to from what i can tell be a full stack that you "shift click" into the assembler from your inventory when there is still items in the cooking slot and its being pulled by an extracter only tested with mk3 so far!! will upload a short video of it happening should you be unable to recreate it!!! just let me know