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    sorry if I practice some Thread necromancy here, but I've got the same issue

    this is what the server reads

    here's the server starting up

    Client crashlog is impossible to retrieve. Normal batch won't cut it, as it only happens on SMP, and Minecraft error will just hang waiting for MC to crash, which doesn't happen

    As always, thanks for any help. You've always been extremely helpful to anyone having any kind of trouble. I cannot thank you enough

    Here's how the server loads

    Ey there. Coulnd't find anything relevant in the last about 5 pages of the bug section, soooo...

    Placing a cropblock will, after a short while, freeze the server and kick all players with a "read time out" error. This is the server log

    Sorry if it's backwards

    Thanks for any help

    here we go, found what was the problem

    "Fixed negative heat when using several lava buckets in a reactor"
    From the changelog of the new version. So I guess there was someting wrong going on

    Well, the program says neutral as in "heat level unchanged" I reckon - and the level is 0. Look at the general info tab, specifically at
    - Total Cooling: 68
    - Total Heat: 50
    - Excess Heat: -18 (Brrr! Arctic!)

    It's severely overcooled. Another design is necessary for a breeder, and you can get a much better efficiency out of it.


    I think the link didn't save my changes, but I made sure to have no water around, and that brought the cooling effect on par with internal heating. Excess heat was reading 0

    Still, shouldn't dumping even just 5-6 lava buckets in quick succession be way quicker than -18 /t, assuming that -18 was actually there?
    I'll try the more standard breeder anyway

    by the way, how long does that heating configuration need to run, or how do I figure out the temperature myself?

    So, I've only recently dabbled into nuclear engineering. While I wait to get myself a little more acquainted with how to design one of my own, I've decided to run with this (http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…1k101010037ps011111101110) which I found here on the forum

    Now, I want to enrich some of the depleted cells of the previous cycle. Being kind of lazy, I decided to opt for the same reactor design, replacing two of the uranium cells with depleted ones

    As it's a neutral breeder, I need to heat it up, of course. Now, my problem is, I cannot seem to heat it up

    I've started dumping lava buckets in it (hard to tell the temp without termometer, running on a SMP server). As I almost had a meltdown the first time I tried, I was careful this time. Turns out, 3 buckets are in, then 4, then 5... after dumping in about 15 buckets, I've started wondering: is it actually heating up? I tought, of course, that I was doing it wrong, maybe the cooling elements were absorbing the heat of the lava. So I removed them all except for the uranium, and started dumping lava on that too, then placed the cooling after about another 10 lava buckets

    What am I doing wrong? I cannot seem to heat up my reactor anymore

    Thanks everyone