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    need constant 32 eu/t , see the rest in NEI, search for usage of diamond dust and then click the arrow in it to see other recipes that you can do with the imp. compressor..

    And to build it since it's multi-block? And no, the GUI does not provide sufficient information (nor did the Industrial Grinder's GUI).

    There are a couple bugs with the GregTech Industrial Electrolyzer (G-IE).

    - When hooked up to low voltage EU (32EU/t) the G-IE will process one batch, then enter a loop where it sucks EU but does not process materials. This is on a system where a fully charged MFE (600,000 EU) is running through a LV transformer; so there should never be a drop in EU. If I break the G-IE and replace it, it will again process one batch and re-enter this state, confirming that it's not a drop in EU. Tested when it's the only machine running; behavior also happens even when isolated as the only machine connected to the MFE/LV

    - The G-IE will not run on medium voltage EU (128EU/t) at all. It does not even light up as it does when run on LV. When connected directly to an MFE (regardless if it is the only machine, or if other's are connected) the G-IE will stutter as if not receiving power. Breaking and replacing does not fix this, and the G-IE will never process a batch when connected directly to MV EU. Again, confirmed the MFE was full and the G-IE does this even if it's the only device actually connected to the MFE.

    As an aside, both tests were run using Bauxite.