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    Recently, upon making a new world, I went to start up with my traditional setup of computercraft turtles and water mills for power, and noticed an issue, the turtles could not access the inventory of the water mills.

    This prompted me to go into a single player world to test if other methods worked, and from different sides. My conclusion was that no item piping system, from buildcraft, to hoppers, to computercraft, could access the inventory of the water mills, so there was no way to create an auto-manned setup.

    Is this a bug in the current setup, or an purposeful balance change? Its fine if it is a balance change, I was going to abuse this 'til it was taken out, because I found it to be less laggy than chunkloading the nether, but there is always that fallback. This is with the current dev build of IC2 at the moment by the way (.340 at the time of writing.)

    Try 294 with fix from this post

    Haven't tried if 295 or above works.

    Just follow gregtech thread, that's where the answers lie. ;)

    Thanks for the temp fix, I stopped following the greg thread as its just too huge to keep track of if you're not an active part of the conversation.

    Addon updated !
    ChangeLog of Advanced Solar Panels v3.3.6
    + Ported to new IC build 1.115.304 (Required Forge >
    + Fixed bad bug with Quantum Generator and tubes

    Thank you very much for providing an update, much appreciated.

    I would like to know this too, as I get this same crash with newer versions of IC2.

    ah, yeah that is a bug it'll be fixed next version
    for now, you can fix it by copying the bdg.class from the client jar into the server jar

    I did the quick fix for now and it produced a different error:

    This one appeared related to the previous one, and so I added the file it asks for as well (ats.class) to the internal of my server jar, and encountered a further problem:

    This one doesn't appear to be one I could fix, so I thought I would report them both to you. Thanks for your help, and best of luck on fixing it :)

    This mod looks really cool! Two questions though:

    1. Do the lava blocks nearby a thermal generator have to be source blocks, or do flowing lava blocks work too?

    2. How do wires affect the thermal generator? Do they count as air blocks, or are they detrimental to the power gen?

    Thanks for the help :)