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    what about a casuc cooled by compressors + snowmen for snow spawns? I didn't see anything about block breakers not breaking snow.

    It'll be less efficient than normally considered, but if you can collect enough uranium you'll have plenty of power to work with.

    possibly combine with ender trap pearls -> lava for geogens and you have lots of materials.

    I'd like to apply for the small-stuff moderator position. I've been a user of IC since before the changeover to IC2, so I think I have enough knowledge to take care of the engineering section as well as the other less IC2-knowledge-heavy sections. I have a relatively sizable amount of free time so I should be able to handle the position.

    I'm just curious, will there "ever" be a way to use MJ as a power source for IC2 machines and vice verse? I'm not talking about crossover mods that adds new blocks, I mean the actual machines supporting different power types?

    I doubt it. In fact, I can (with a certainty infinitesimally less than 100%) say no.

    Why? because that means that IC2 would need BC to be installed, and vice verse, or you would get errors because IC2 can't find any information on MJ or BC can't find any information on what EU is.

    Excuse me, what? You apparently haven't ever even touched a nuclear reactor. The only way to get similar sustainable output is to make green gens(costs way more) or to build a huge lava farm in the nether(requires tons of maintanance). One uranium is easily worth several stacks of lava cells.

    Maybe if you're only using IC2. I use more than that, so it's not really that difficult to use a geo farm.

    And, one uranium cell (in an efficiency 1 reactor, with each cell emitting 1kk EU total) is worth 50 lava cells, not "several stacks" so It's still easier than you think. Many CASUC reactor designs can use up to 47 uranium cells, with an overall efficiency of almost 4 and quite a bit more total EU output.

    baturinsky, please.

    Please what? He's right. There was never much point to making nuclear reactors that only provided you with a trickle of power if you could just replace them with a few GeoGens. Now that the only way of getting a reasonable output is gone, the only reason to bother building a reactor is so that you have SOMETHING to use your uranium for, provided you're not enthused to destroying your world with nukes.

    I assume you're referring to the excess that leaks out of whatever hole you spray the CF into?

    you can use a block with a collision box smaller than a full block, like another cable, a door, or an RP2 miniblock (if you have RP2 installed) and the CF won't go through it, but you can click through it.

    While the default/scifi alarm for the howler is nice, this IS the NUCLEAR control mod...I suggest a nuclear siren for the default (also known as an air raid siren)

    I found an OGG download as a ringtone Here. it's too long to fit the normal loop time (~22 seconds versus less than 2) but I feel like It would fit better.

    as far as the targeting system goes: I could see it opening a GUI which displays a map (1 pixel to 1 block scale) and tells you the coordinates. you would still have to manually enter the coords into your rocket, but the map alone (serving as a sort of mapping satellite; maybe that's in the future as well?) would be well worth the cost. the current maps are nice, but they're so small and vague that something more detailed would be great.

    If anyone cares to read my take/suggestion along this topic:

    the first item required would be Injectors/syringes:

    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating: :Tin Ingot:

    :Intergrated Plating: :Iridium: :Intergrated Plating:

    :Iridium: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:

    (tin ingot is either tin or iron (balancing decision); iridium plates are glass. reactor plating is blank.)

    makes 8 syringes. syringes can be used to inject nanobots into your body.

    nanobots are created at the:

    Nanobot assembler
    :Advanced Circuit: :Iridium: :Advanced Circuit:

    :Glass Fibre: :Advanced Machine: :Glass Fibre:

    :Energy Crystal: :MFS-Unit: :Energy Crystal:

    (iridium is glass again, power crystals are lap. crystals.)

    takes up to 512 EU/t. placing raw materials into the nanobot assembler will create different nanobots depending on the ingredients. the nanobot assembler has a crafting slot for power-storage (increases duration) power-transmission (increases intensity) nanobot type (place cell here; determines effect) and raw material (determines # of nanobots created)

    also in the nanobot assembler there is an output slot. syringes must go in here, and the nanobots will be placed in them when they are created. the raw material determines the number of syringes filled by the nanobots.

    if you craft the quantum suit together with a syringe on each side, you will get the quantum injector suit. same capabilities, except when you use the quantum injector suit, the suit will automatically inject nanobots into you when they are needed, if the syringes are in your hotbar.

    the nanobots would work very similarly to potions, though the syringes would be used instantly, rather than having to drink a potion. they would have an effect of a certain intensity, for a certain duration, that does...something. F.e. a nanobot injection that lets you jump higher and run faster, or automatically heals you (not instantly, but over time; like peaceful-mode healing, although a bit slower, and only lasts until the nanobots run out of power)


    in light of the post above me, I change my suggestion to geothermal. I just realized that if you AFK in the nether overnight with pumps collecting lava, then going to geothermals and from there into energy/laportron crystals (or something else IDK), you can spend a few minutes moving them over to your main world and you have PLENTY of energy to use.