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    Yes very stupid question! Considering it is mentioned that TMI is not supporting IC2 atm.. Furthermore it clearly shows that you have failed epicly to Read the entire release thread, and clearly need glasses :)

    I've read that it shouldn't be used for bugtesting, but wasn't aware it was entirely incompatible. and yes, I missed the handy link down at the bottom of the release thread. =/

    this sounds like a *really* stupid question to me, do I get a reactor chamber? I can't find it in the TMI menus, and the wiki page for it is nonexistent. and I can't see the full recipe for the nuclear reactor itself, either.

    It makes for an interesting experiment, though: if you can somehow construct enough reactors to have one running constantly, and a redstone circuit controlling the timing, you could have a massive-output reactor set. unfortunately, it would probably take up nearly an entire render area (on flat ground, at least) to construct said reactors.

    Sounds like a cool idea for a high-end power generator. One thing i would suggest is to make it so the more power it has the faster it works that way it would start slow and then begin to build up speed.

    Also did I just see mention of T4 machines AND a Ion cannon?? You just made my week :P

    Oh god, My head is about to explode from thinking too much about how I could use an ion can't be used to take down force fields, because it'd need to be portable for that, and a giant power coil isn't portable...but I can't think of anything else to use one for. unless there's a targeting system implemented, and you can hit places far away from the cannon itself.

    and OT: so what if it's not realistic? this is minecraft, and it's an awesome concept. matter generators aren't realistic either. I think it'd be pretty sweet.

    also, a power cycle ring like that would be sweet to connect to a set of energy-o-mats, so that whenever the power flows thorugh it (I assume in pulses like HV) I could light up a set of lights from the redpower mod, to make a lit circle follow the current around the coil itself. it'd look totally sweet.

    well, if it's going to serve as a replacement for the current geothermal generators, maybe something along the lines of:


    [P] = carbon plate (could be replaced by alloy plates?)
    [C] = cable
    [CI] = circuit
    [G] = generator
    [GL] = glass

    would output...maybe, 0.5EU/s per lava block adjacent to the generator? that comes in to roughly 12 EU/S with a fully surrounded reactor, minus the cable.

    0.25/block would result in 6 EU/s, which seems a bit low, although it is still higher than the normal geothermal. then again, it IS an infinite source of energy...

    Suggestion: Immersed Geothermal generators

    Description: same as the water generators generating power from surrounding water blocks, geothermal generators generate power from the surrounding lava blocks. largely increased output to offset the fact that it's more-or-less inaccessible by hand if completely surrounded.

    Suggestion: Steel

    Use: as a replacement for refined iron in higher-level creations, such as an ADV. Circuit, ADV. Machine, etc. also, possibly a replacement for iron/refined iron in IC tools, such as the mining drill.

    recipe: 2 Iron dust + 1 coal dust (shapeless?) yields 2 steel dust. smelting provides a steel bar, 4 steel bars in a square make a steel block, for easy construction once you have a steady supply.

    just build a bigger water gen farm

    well, that's sort of the thing. the water generators just don't have enough of an energy output to justify dedicating the resources to build a water-farm. If each flowing water produced 0.25 EU/frame, then a simple setup would give 2 EU/frame (with water flowing over the top). of course, the exact amount would be up to Al's decision. I was thinking of this maybe as either a replacement for the water generator, or an adaptation to the recipe with a water generator instead of a normal one.

    Name: Hydro turbine

    Description: a sort of "Advanced" water generator, with no manual-load (no putting buckets into the generator itself) but a large amount of energy from flowing water (Assuming the mod can differentiate between still and flowing; they have different data values, so I would assume so). {I would *Really* like to build a hydro-dam, but the current generators just don't have enough power output to justify it}



    [Ri] Refined Iron
    [C] Cable
    [G] Generator