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    What I'd like to see are the concepts of pressure/temperature, coolant flow and temperature feedback added/revamped.

    I'd rather not go blathering about how any of this really works, but wikipedia is decently well informed on the subject and if Al or any modder is interested in trying to incorporate it / add on, pm me.

    1. Combine reactor with buildcraft pipes
    2. ??????????
    3. Profit

    That is, AoE teleporter. If it also teleports block I'll totally maker a portable home. Just imagine it, put down a few teleport devices and supply a few tons of lapo crystals *ZIIING* and your house is there :D

    This would be pretty cool actually. Also LOIC!

    Dezuman's refinement is nice, although the next thing to try is to just fill the entire reactor with uranium except for the top row. Wonder if that will work...

    Having 6 chambers all full except the top row will give:

    4.38 eff
    985 EU/t
    ~2000 heat per pulse

    This means you need to supply 4 buckets per second. Can you supply buckets into chambers, though, or does only directly to reactor work?

    Personally, what I'd like to see is pumping raw water directly into a reactor via buildcraft waterproof pipes, then using generated power to run said buildcraft pumps via electric power, just like a real reactor would. More power -> more heat -> more power needed to run pumps.

    However, if you lose power to pumps, it blows. So building high power reactor == risky if pump goes offline for whatever reason, while having a lower power reactor packed with HDs will give you a couple minutes of time to react.

    I'm not into mk.3, sorry :D

    Currently working on a weird 0-start breeder that will first spike up to over 9000 heat and then decline again, for best average temperature. Needless to say, it's quite complicated :wacko:

    Got any preliminary designs? I was trying to make something similar to this, but it keeps blowing up on me.

    I have, however, figured out a way to keep a reactor at temperature while it's idling. I've used some pistons to shut off water and add lava while it's off, and remove the coolant cells. It's not 0 work (removing coolant is just shift clicking the cells though), but it's much better than heating the thing up each time, which requires a fair amount babysitting. Or lava buckets.

    Yeah, the 40 block max thing sucks. I mean, just make it have a (configurable) output face, either up/down or to a pole at one side...

    Isn't it possible to stack multiple magnetizers though? I haven't tried it yet but:

    20 poles
    40 poles
    20 poles

    Would be 82 high, and should work. If it actually does work I have no idea thou :P

    WTB IC2 Engine for Buildcraft.

    I was trying to make an electric engine that basically:
    a) Eats EU (up to MV - 128EU/t)
    b) Outputs some buildcraft energy, depending on input voltage, with 128EU/t being roughly equivalent to an iron engine, and 32 EU/t to a stone engine. 8 EU/t is warmed up redstone equivalent, while 2EU/t will run as a blue redstone engine (i.e. very slow).
    c) Requires cooling (via buildcraft water pipes) for any voltage above 32EU/t.
    d) Expensive to build (needs diamond gears). Once you've got high efficiency reactors running, EU is cheap while BC fuel can be depleted fast if you run a lot of iron engines.

    However, due to my lack of experience with the charlie foxtrot that is Java, I have failed miserably. Will keep trying, but I have a feeling somebody will have this finished well before me. :P

    SMP IC2 v1.15 (Moderncraft sever)
    I have reactor with 2 additional chambers. Sometimes (not always) when chunk unloads-loads, one of reactor's chambers drop all coolants and platings on the floor. That happens third time already to this reactor.

    Confirming this has happened to me twice too. I think it has to do with one of the chambers being on a neighbouring chunk. Like this:

    :Nuke TNT:
    :Nuke TNT:

    Everything in the chamber below the border gets lost when one of the chunks unloads, but the other one doesn't. I'll try to confirm this, but I think this is the case.

    Yeah, I'm in no hurry, I just want to know if this is even possible currently. I have no idea how liquids+temperatures are handled, and I don't think pressure exists at all, both of which would be pretty essential for this kind of thing.

    Is there any possibility of this happening in a future version?

    What I have in mind is: having to build a reactor core with actual blocks, rather than putting cells into the current chambers, having to cool it down with coolant (water? processed water? Finally a good use for pumps!), and, finally, harvesting the heat (steam?) via thermal generators (turbines?).

    I think it would be fun, but I have no idea if these kinds of mechanics are even possible in minecraft currently.

    I can confirm this bug, it happens regularly on my server.For me, it happens _every_ time I place a torch near a chest though, or when I place/remove blocks that obscure lighting from torches to chests.

    Stack trace: