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    Half-slabs or stairs or any other transparent block or is flagged non-spawnable (Aluminum blocks or xycraft blocks / bricks if you have it). Or light. Endermen still follow regular hostile mob spawning rules in that regard. Using forcefields and/or security stations only I'd say get more power generation as my only suggestion. Lol.

    If your problem is endermen filling up all your hostile mob spaces, just build the machine really far away from the main island. you could make a lighted/xycraft brick path their or use ic2's teleporters to get their. 200 blocks is enough to prevent existing endermen from using up your mob slots as long as you don't get any spawning on the path their.

    Could you make an upgrade of the focusmatrix that draws EU from the forcepower battery thing rather than requiring an item to get in your base? since not all servers have chest protection, it seems counter-intuitive to need to protect a chest with the key to get past the force field surrounding the chest. i would also love to use this on a ftb raid server without needing to hide my key in an unprotected chest somewhere. sorry if this was added as of 1.4, i saw the focusmatrix on an outdated vis.