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    Just to mention it, said schedule very likely means "next Update coming 1.7", because I really consider buying a Laptop. Not the one advertised above, but one Laptop (which I will very likely just use like a Desktop XD). And then I will very likely install Ubuntu as primary System on it, as any Windows other than 98 and XP is crap.

    It also means, that I will pause IC² experimental development, due to these Problems.

    Anyone remember that Phoneblocks thing, which was recently coming up? I hope their Next Step is "Computerblocks".

    Don't buy a laptop as your main computer. I have done that 4-5 years ago. Got a pretty decent 15.3", state of the art at the time(didn't want the bigger screen ones, one just can't transport them very well). It is still running well and all but i now regret the move. You can not upgrade a laptop like you can a desktop. If i would have to buy a new PC now i would get a decent (not state of the art but really new) Desktop with components which can be upgraded as needed in the near future and a Netbook as a portable pc when needed. This will save you some money later on.

    Getting an ingame update notice for Nuclear Control to update to version 1.6.2 while the server is still running 1.5.2 is a bit annoying. Most mods with such a notice come with a config option to disable ingame messages and just print them to the console. Would it be possible for you to include such a feature? (Maybe even for the old 1.5.2 builds?)

    Did any Changelog mention a fix for the Vis Absorbtion? No? What a surprise.

    And SpwnX, there is a Portal Gun Portal, you forgot to deactivate that Portal in the Cave right next to our Base, when trying to fix Water Lag (Well, it was a large Twilight Oak which lagged us until I added that Fix for the Light Updates, as also seen in the Main Thread)

    Any chance to get a 1.5.2 version of the fix?

    If we're getting an LHC class particle acceperator I want to be able to make a black hole weapon. Screw nultiblock nukes, lets make sections of land permanantly unihabitable. (my thought is something continous, like red matter, except non expanding, because destroying the server is fucking stupid).

    Would you please stop talking about that black hole nonsense. By now they may have created a hole and it collapsed right afterwards. It is impossible to create a stable hole with the LHC!

    Added a few new Logs to my own Logfile.
    Added compatibility with every grassdropped Seed to get SeedOil from it.
    Added SeedOil-Industrial-Centrifuge Recipes if Forestry is NOT loaded, as SeedOil can be used inside the Semifluid Generator.
    Added compatibility with every Bonemealable Flower to get more Dye inside an Extractor.
    Improved performance of the two electric Buffers massively. I did totally not do that because of the RG-Tweet mentioning RP-Relays being laggy (due to the Item bouncing back and forth between the Relay and the targeted Inventory every tick), because I totally dont read RGs tweets, exactly like he totally doesnt read this Thread.

    That will make my life SO much easier. Reducing FPS issues alot in my factory!

    Now do i have to set the TE hacks to true to get the induction smelters output altered or is it by default true? (In version 2.77h obviously!)

    I really like your Addon Greg. It gives us so many possible ways of doing things differently :)

    But at the moment I am running GregTechMod 2.77g with TE 2.2.0 and the ore unification is making my head hurt alot. I haven't changed the default values so it should output RP ingots. Now this works fine with the Powered furnace but not with the Induction Smelter. I always get the TE ingots out of it, which makes automatic sorting a PITA. Also the unification does not work with the dirty and clean chunks from Factorization (Lead and Silver in my case).

    If there is anything i have done wrong on my end i'd appreciate any help!

    PS:I thought the new GregTech would have solved the TE unification issue.

    I like the idea of splitting the recipes into an addon :)