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    Willful ignorance and science denialism is praised all over the world and it has been done for ages. Only reason why some notice it now is that due to better communication it's easier to see how bad things have got.

    You could possibly open a ticket on MFR bugtracker saying it slows down mod loading or something.

    we already tried that (considering general oredict problems)
    Skyboy declined, he sees it as a protest. >.>

    You actually like google plus? Can I have your autograph? :P

    TBH I don't like g+ or facebook, twitter for the win.

    let's say it like this:
    I don't use g+ as a social network, but rather as the thing being used for youtube comments :P And I like this part because it's easier than before to stay on track w/ stuff you commented.

    OSX 10 is looking quite nice, iOS 8 finally passes Android again and Swift is looking awesome. Obj C sucks balls.

    Good day for Apple

    the moment you have to copy features from other companies (Google, Microsoft), you aren't the market leader anymore, but just some 2nd class company. Apple invented *nothing* at this WWDC, but rather followed features Google, MS and co. already had. And this "but apple did it better" is a: BS and b: not an excuse.

    Pwnie2012 is referring to cars where you try to force enough air into the engine to burn ALL of the fuel. As a result you get an improvement in both power and efficiency.
    Greg is referring to cars where you try to force a LOT of fuel and air into the engine to draw out as much power as possible, without care as to how efficient you are.

    well, then let's call that machine the "Ferrari Turbo Diesel" ;) :thumbsup:

    The Plutonium Pickaxe is much more fun. At least once I add the Special Effects for the Materials.

    Here some of the new Generators. The higher Tier Generators have a much lower Efficiency but also a higher Voltage, as in they produce Energy faster. And those Turbines are actually Steam Turbines (even though they look exactly like the Gas Turbines), but the Turbines have a very low Efficiency. The Generator and the Semifluid Generator will be small Boilers once I'm done, so you need at least two Blocks.

    Those Generators output 32, 128 and 512 EU/t (2049, 8192 and 32768 for the Naquadah ones), meaning you need less Blocks even though they are much more expensive to build.

    shouldn't a turbo diesel be more efficient? that's the sole purpose of a turboloader

    I have to do something everytime the Server starts, because the Block/Item-ID's are changing everytime that happens, what is killing every HashCode I have. And I have to use ID Hashes or else it would cause Errors with duplicate Hashes. But I don't add Recipes, I just rehash their Maps.

    is there/will there be a config option for that? or is the printing out LINKED to your recipe creation? Because if it's just scanning w/o any practical use apart from fixing the entries, it's just wasted time...

    I ofcourse used the AE2 ID, since I copypasted it from AlgoX2s FML-InterModCom Page. I just still call it AE, because it is one of the Mods, which doesn't feel like needing a new Index. I still call GregTech-5 just GregTech since it is basically the same as before. Thaumcraft on the other hand changes so drastically that you need that Number behind it.

    but ae now has a part system, so it's new :P gt 5 is also quite a bit "newer", more stuff has changed than ever before

    They store a short and a boolean. The short is the Type, while the Boolean determines if it has been naturally placed and is only set to true by the Worldgen, meaning you aren't able to Fortune it after harvesting it once.

    Also: I added the FMLInterModCom thing for my TileEntities for AE. I don't think my TileEntities would get Problems from being teleported.

    Edit: It was the MaxStackSize Config being set to something other than 64.

    was it ae2? or did you accidently use the ae1 id? :D

    Oh right, my Ores are TileEntities, but I disabled World Tick on them, meaning they are less laggy than for example Microblocks. And should I really add 2000 Blocks just for GT Ores? I think TileEntities are a better approach than adding 2000 Blocks (2000 Blocks * 16 MetaData = 32000).

    And thanks for linking the FML-Intercom thing, I forgot about adding Support for the Spatial Pylons.

    why would they even be a bit laggy? they just exist. not ticking,not being in the list of ticking entities :P
    Why are they tes? so they can store their type?

    Which Translation? It is McGuffium in both German and English. But the purpose and the meaning of McGuffium and Phlebotinum are almost identical.

    I could also have added Farnsium, named after Hubert Farnsworth (also known as Ununseptium).

    Edit: Here is how the Fusion Reactor will look like (almost). That thing is 896 Chrome.

    A: Is Macguffium an insider joke? Futurama?

    B: Will you make tiered fusion reactors where the injector-amount actually matters for reaction etc? So much chrome for a beginner reactor seems... Over the top :P also the color is a bit monotone then :P