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    so i shouldnt charge all injectors w/ the plasma gens, but only one?

    No. It doesnt directly make Power, Fill at least 4 (for Dueterium-Tritium) or 6 (For the better one, He3 + Dueterium) to the brim with power, give the Top and bottom Injectors the ingredients, and it should automaticly React and generate Helium plasma in the Material Extractors. Put the Plasma in a plasma Generator and Boom, Powah! Make sure to have lots of He3/Tritium and Dueterium in the Injectors as it uses it all up fairly quickly.
    EDIT: You dont need all those Injectors/Extractors/EnergyInjectors, just replace them with Casing if they arent being used.

    so, i did this, charging w/ ulti mate solars, but after the fusion, it charges my 4 energy injector up to 3kk eu per, i have 4 and charged themup to 10kk per before, so, how do i get my energy now?! if my plasma gens only generate a thirds of the needed eu to start the fusion xd

    I don't think fusion is as simple as element with atomic number X + atomic number Y = element with atomic number X+Y. As logical as it sounds you still need to take into account the neutrons and stuff

    wrong, because the atomic number includes the nubmer of protons and neutros. the only thing that matters is, if the elements you are trying to combine are heavy, then you have to use a particle collider like the gsi (german heavbi ion colider)