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    And a new Screenshot. Huge Pipes (for all Metal Item/Fluid Pipes), Fluid Canners, Basic Machine Versions for Electrolyzer, Centrifuge and Chemical Reactor, a bunch of Recyclers testing my Battery Upgrades aka Battery Slots (two of them having already finished their Job).

    The Basic Electrolyzer can only do Water and Hydrogen (and very few other Recipes), because those only need 30 EU/t, while others require 60-120 EU/t.

    glorious textures! Do those basic vs advanced tiers also improve efficiency? Also, IDK if you answered, but I asked, if you could just use the ic2 build server for regular alpha updates and to keep a version history^^

    i just emptied the method/removed it (it's an optional mod method), so all errors can only come from existing items which have oredict entries. so, fresh worlds wont have that prob.

    Going away from the now created "drama", i have to say that there really needs to be a global standard for OreDict naming, preferably shapeMaterial, with java-method-syntax. This stays near the programming language mc is made in AND gives the biggest compatibility. Also, greg assuming that there was a standard was really understandable since the FML wiki already listed shapeMaterial as a standard, and since everyone most likely read it, when he wrote a mod, he should be aware of it!

    You have no idea what you're talking about because it's THAT mod's API. That mod must always have its own API, or else that mod will in itself not work. The only time a mod mustn't include an API is when the API is for another mod, like a mod that adds IC2 compat. That mod mustn't add the IC2 API or else it might fuck something up with IC2 if it gets updated. However, IC2 must contain its own API, or else it will not function.

    it includes bc and ic2 api. invalidated your argument.

    also, dependencies is written with an 'e', not an 'a'

    EDIT: skyboy answered (look at the issue), but i still dont understand why mods which need the bc api in the absence of bc wouldnt ship it themselves... but ok... but i am still not as stupid as you thought in your post

    I have already fixed my inaccurate info and apologised.

    the oreDict scrutiny device is just a tool for greg to add compatibility and help others with compatibility. It is ignored by 99% of users and in all seriousness anyone saying they have "Heaps of bug reports from it" are downright lying.

    Edit: The wood stuff I have looked for and cannot find, but it only happens with the latest version of MFR and I have had confirmation from people only running GT and MFR. (I will run just those 2 right now to be sure)

    i will quickly decompile latest mfr (mdiyo added stuff to tic w/o committing, so why not this time?)

    EDIT: WTF, thge jar contains api files >.<

    isnt mfr OSS? so we can juset fork it?

    greg really likes SI Units:

    1s=20ticks (also when ticking slower)
    1m=1 block distance
    1m^3=1 block volume
    1l=1mB(1 Bucket = 1 block, 1m^3=1000liters)