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    What I meant is that for example Tungsten ore I see sevrol versions of this ore in a row in NEI with the same name but with different textures for each one. Proply one for every type of rock it can spwn in. This dose not Include the small versions... Also before I miscounted. There are 5 of each.
    NOTE: I count small and regular ores as different ore types.

    i counted them as the same, so it's 10, it think it's supposed to be that way^^

    Are you adding in too many more items? 74 pages of NEI (of which over half are ore) is pretty impressive with only Gregtech and IC2

    he said he has 10 types of ore for each mineral, so yes. :D

    Also greg, you should prolly patch the creative menu. it asks for the lists of items for each tab when you open one, screwing up the search function.

    EDIT: installing latest nei fixed that ôO

    also to add for fluid Names: methane, nitrogen, chlorite(chlorine), fluid.ic2.blockCF, glyceryl, mercury, fluid.ic2.blockFluidCoolant, helium-3, steam, hydrogen, fluid.ic2.blockUuMatter, tritium, nitrogendioxide, heliuj, deuterium

    arent localized-

    for ic2 also, the blocks of the fluids have ".name" at the end

    and you need to give the modtab an icon :D
    did yoiu implement he whole periodic table? also, why dont we have bauxite but aluminiumore?

    is it intentional that the game freezes anytime you enter a char into the search bar? :D

    greg, your mod is spammming stuff like this:

    "WARNING: 'oreRedgranite' is an OreDictionary Name which may cause Problems, due to being a Prefix, please use another one.
    Private Prefixes are a solution. Please use 'gregtech:oreRedgranite' don't forget to insert the ':' inbetween the Mod ID and OreDict Name, that is the most important part."

    isnt that YOUR ore?

    also, it#s reporting glowstone is wrong due to it being lowercased... but it's native... so make a forge PR

    Thingy Name: pearlFluix !!!Unknown 'Thingy' detected!!! This Object seems to probably not follow a valid OreDictionary Convention, or I missed a Convention. Please report to GregTech Intergalactical for additional compatiblity. This is not an Error, it's just an Information.

    add it, it#s a pearl :D also enderpearlß

    "MortTech is like GregTech with out the pointless nerfing and ridiculous tedium, so the Tech with out the Greg"+

    Sounds like yet another OP tech mod. What is so special about GT w/o greg? Just take TE, BigReactors and similar mods and you have GT W/O greg! That's just one of those freeloaders!

    I've been sticking with GT that I was not even aware of all those dramas involving MC. I wasn't even aware of all those new mods. All I cared about was IC2, BC, Forestry, Railcraft, GT and all the submods. But now that I look at all those new mods I ask myself, when did everything go so wrong?
    All our classic technical mods were trying to enhance vanilla game play by adding new things to game, new ways to interact with it.
    Every mod was doing something else while still trying to provide support for other mods. All mod authors were communicating with each other and created one big family.
    But now I'm getting a feeling as if we were being invaded. We are getting more and more mods that does not really bring anything new. They feed on good ideas from past, and try to gain popularity by delivering those ideas with easier and flashier ways. it's like a downfall of computer gaming we are witnessing today.
    it's a fu*** capitalism. All creativity is replaced by no risk models.
    You like something from that mod? Great! We'll deliver you this much cheaper and risk free. So you can like Direwolf set it up in 5 min and forget it even exists.

    Good text, really didn't yet think about how it became like that...
    GT was kinda the "revolutionary" i this field imho. Upgrades for machines were already kind of an evolution, but the new system which will be in 1.7 also seems pretty cool. These gigantic multiblock structures also were an evolution, not invented by GT, but used by it in a good way (no blatant copy but rather a good application).

    I'm not saying some1 could live off 1000$, but the work put into ExUt isn't really high compared to other mods. It might have some fancy models, but the code isn't something very complicated. I would grant this to the IC2/BC/UE devs, probably also you, greg, since your work is even bigger than ic2s^^ but exut is just a tiny freetime project of the size of extracells and I don't think some1 should be making that much money of it by just letting it run and eventually updating it to new versions and sometimes addign new functions from patreon goals ôO

    Imho, the whole patreon thing got out of hand...

    "Warning: You have mods that change the behavior of Minecraft, ForgeModLoader, and/or Minecraft Forge to your client:
    These may have caused this error, and may not be supported"

    Uhum, isn't it the point of a mod to change the behaviour of MC? Fuck, mDiyo is annoying with his "I DONT CARE LALALAL" behaviour