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    I'm fine with that so long as it remains an option, not a hardcoded thing.

    Personally I don't much mind nether pumps. Geos don't put out a *whole* lot of EU since I edited the configs, and if someone wants to spend the time to set up an enegy/lava distribution ender-net, I figure they farmed enough blazes, mined enough obsidian, diamonds, etc. that they've earned a week's worth of maintenance free power.

    With GregTech, until you get some of the heavier solar panels (which takes a good bit), there aren't really many options for players to get reliable energy without having to constantly babysit generators instead of building awesome buildings or contraptions.

    This is just my 2c, though, and everyone plays differently. Which is why I vote yes, but only if it is configurable.

    And you just could post a link to 180-lf, if it exists, cause we have only industrialcraft-2_1.112.170-lf in "Support" forum.

    I'm just amazed that people can't figure out how to remove the last bits from a URL.

    From [MC 1.4.6] Open Beta v1.112 you hover your mouse over links (people DO look at links before they click right?), and see that its on a Jenkins server, with just a particular build targeted in the link. So you remove the filename, and you can get to it easy enough from there.

    But take it a step further. You remove everything but the base URL and you get . But would be just as good, since it leads directly to the list of builds available.

    Anyhow maybe I can bug RichardG in IRC to update the thread....

    I vote the next person who doesn't read at least one back back from this post to find out if you upgrade IC2 to at least 180-lf and reports a bug with the demandsEnergy() crap in it gets a 3 day ban.

    Anyways. AtomicStryker, have you looked into the bug I'd posted? It has been here for as long as I can remember, and it's always been annoying as piss.

    This is an IC2 thing not just advanced machines. update IC2


    I liked the idea of gregtech, since it forces the players to dabble more into more than just one mod/tech tree. I also liked that it removes the instant-godly-qsuit-in-2-days that was often the end of previous maps.

    However -- I ended up removing GT by player request due to lots of oddities, and constant player gripes -- so here are a few things:

    NEI - Seems like we had problems with enabled/disabled recipes not being updated to reflect mod changes. I constantly got griped at for this.

    Next up and the absolute thing for me that had me agreeing with the players -- stop overwriting configs at server close! There is no need to, and it makes editing and rebooting server on the fly impossible.

    Last but not least... if I re-add GT to the server, will this require a new world start? Players are already pitching a fit because one of the mods they wanted required a world reset. I know they won't be getting any GT specific ores in the already genned world, but generally we use a mining age (no dense ores, its freakin lame) that gets regenned every week anyways. So they can STFU and deal on that point.

    Found a nasty bug that apparently has been around a while now. I've reduced it to only the machines in this mod.

    If you place a machine, then upgrade that machine with a transformer upgrade, and then remove power, move machine, but later add an MV/HV carrying cable anywhere around the previously occupied block, there is an explosion.

    I'm guessing when the machine is removed, there is still some data left behind in that block's location.

    It may have to be a 'warmed up' machine, I haven't gone too much further into testing it, but it is easily repeatable.

    I'm also seconding this. I had a server crash due to no disk space... woke up to a user calling me saying server was down, checked things and had over 4GB of logs with this repeated so much it wasn't funny:

    2012-12-26 14:47:47 [WARNING] [IC2] API ERROR: ic2.core.block.machine.tileentity.TileEntityMacerator@6b4ee030 didn't implement demandsEnergy() properly, no energy from injectEnergy accepted although demandsEnergy() returned true.