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    I haven't tried new version because no GT update and I'm very dependent on that. In 1.5.2 version being about 20 blocks away redstone activation of the projectors takes between 5 and 8 seconds to respond. Being right by the projector switching a lever is much faster. It isn't a chunk loading issue because the distances I'm talking about are usually 20 -30 blocks away from projector.

    I'll also accept if he removes all other configs except for IDs (in which case I'll go and copy all Greg's good features into another mod).

    I would give it a shot. As long as its very configurable.

    Btw: is there any reasons besides constant trivial arguments that GT is being updated a normal amount now instead of ultimate-overdrive-mod where there's an update every 2 days?

    Also: Large Charger is officially the largest single EU storage block ever designed for IC2. With 16 Lapotron Packs it can hold 1,600,000,000. That's 600,000,000 more than an IDSU.

    If this is a troll thread it was a crappy one because it didn't really anger anyone. It actually kind of displayed how helpful this community can be. :thumbup:

    I've waited for the ores' ugliness to be resolved somehow, but it seems like that isn't going to happen due to stubbornness or vision or whatever. (Seriously, they're fucking awful.) You've lost me as a player who does slightly care about aesthetics. Best of luck to you in the future.

    Let's be reasonable for a second. This is coming from someone who also thinks the ores look awful but just that 'losing you as a player' is kind of ridiculous. Gregtech is all about industry, not aesthetics at all. I don't like the ores but its nowhere near enough of a problem that I don't want to use the mod anymore. Also, if you really want I could send you a nearly identical (maybe missing multiblocks) version of GT that doesn't have the camo ores.

    No, those three files are inside the zip you downloaded. You don't touch those, you put the ENTIRE ZIPPED FOLDER you downloaded inside of your mods folder, which should be in your .minecraft folder. This works the same way as any other Forge mod.

    There's at the very least one thing that could fix awful camo ore texture, just make ore show full ore on all sides when it feels the need to magically turn one full color. As someone who configures all mods to .5 ore density I'm okay with mining nerf but when it looks ridiculous and ugly I'm not a fan. Maybe it's time for me to learn Minecraft modding and make a 100%-configurable-fix-Gregtech-Addon-Addon.

    I have one bug, one 'issue', and one suggestion.

    1. Double clicking any inventory slot in any of your machines (such as Forcefield core) results in a crash.

    2. At a distance projectors don't seem to respond unreliably. This makes player detection triggering difficult.

    Suggestion: A 'then' token for the industrial tesla coil. This would make things like if the coil detects a player and item then kills arrows for example. Could also be used as a player detector if the then statement is a redstone signal, which would make the coil output redstone if conditions are met, etc.

    I got a bug with input hatch. I can't seem to get the inventory manager to work with it, simply to inject methane and remove empty cells. The exact same setup seems to work perfectly with a regular gas turbine. Other automation appears to work right as well, such as small electric buffers.

    You don't have to empty the output hatch (for now).
    Input hatches can emit redstone through cover when its empty.
    Detector cable through dynamo hatch to detect if the turbine is working or not.
    Turbine (main block) can be controlled with redstone control cover.
    Although maintenance detection can't be done with redstone i think, as the machine keeps running even if screws are missing, plates are dented and circuitry is burned...
    Maintenance detector would be cool, but that breaks the concept of "check the machine every X time"

    I don't understand how you can use covers with these multiblock parts and still interact with their inventories if their is only one side exposed for a functional multiblock. EU detector cable on dynamo is something I hadn't thought of, thanks. One other suggestion I have is to make maintenance hatch a real inventory slot so that it just MIGHT be possible to automate maintenance with inventory managers.

    Putting a single methane cell in multiblock gen with a tungstensteel rotor (90% efficiency) generates 0 eu (May be a bug, it doesn't even put the liquid in the input hatch, the rotor on the front spins a few seconds and no eu is generated)

    putting in 2: 3,082 eu
    3: 9,292 eu
    4: 18,584 eu
    5: 31,004 eu

    Conclusions: Multiblock Gas Gen has a startup time that makes efficiency increase over time. Not certain if no energy from single methane cell is a bug or not.

    It doesn't say "incomplete", it just says "hit with a rubber hammer to restart" but no matter how many times i hit it nothing happens,

    Do you have a rotor in the turbine?

    Suggestion: Redstone integration block for new multiblock gens that is configurable so that it can output when maintenance is needed, as well as other stuff like clogged output hatch/ input hatch.

    So are buggy ore textures going to get fixed soon? I'm okay with hidden facings but when ores are placed or isolated or sometimes just how they spawn they show the ugly color texture thing.

    Also, is Gregtech going to add its own steam production or is it going to remain partially dependent on RC? Thanks.

    First of all I agree that an Insertion Buffer would rock if it's inserted direction was configurable. Then if there is no room then it works like a normal buffer, pushing forward.

    Also, I have a suggestion. Make endstone portals to the end require a lot of energy by making a block that 'inserts' energy into the portal. This would create another cool project as one would either have to use 2 IDSUs or battery teleportation in order to access the end.

    Finally figured out my optimal advanced Tesla Coil system but it seems like using arrows in the programmable filter is useless. I wanted to do this so people couldn't target with arrows when I wireless redstone into 'kill mode'. It seems like fired arrows are targeted by the tesla coil but it cannot 'kill' them. Worst of all is when they land the coil constantly fires at the grounded arrow until you pick it up.

    Searched the config for this, couldn't find. Is there an option in GT config for ore density multiplier? I used this config in most other mod configs to halve the amount of ores in my world because of caves being unrealistically basically just walls of ores. So is it there, and if not, can you add it? Thanks.

    Lamps : Glowstone illuminators (TE) ?

    Greg plans to add his version of frames soon (TM).

    Lamps : Glowstone illuminators (TE) ?

    Greg plans to add his version of frames soon (TM).

    Frames would be incredible as soon as possible. Frames add so much capabilities automation wise that it was the only reason I used redpower in 1.4.6. Just saying that expensive GT frames would be awesome and I am in full support of the idea.