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    raGan the 285EU/t is very nice, thank you. The reason why I'm avoiding a MKII is for simplicity. I'm going to have 16 of them running in close proximity all being fed off of a large chain of Apiaries, so I'd rather avoid setting up timing related things for them.

    Yep, Extra Bees has bees that produce 1 Uranium every ~30 minutes, and another one that can produce Tin at a similar rate. A lot of Extra Bees stuff is borderline OP, but since it takes a lot to get to them most people don't bother. (I currently have 20 Combustion Engines running off of ~8 bees. 4 kept them up fairly well, but couldn't keep up with constant operation).

    I'm looking for decent designs that are only Mark I, and only use single uranium cells (so no double or quad). Efficiency isn't an issue, I'm mostly looking for most EU/t. The idea is to feed these with bees, so I'd rather avoid adding complexity by having to make copper for plating, hence the single cell requirement.

    What I have so far:

    270 EU/t
    16 Uranium Cells
    Eff: 3.38

    Could probably be cheaper, but I'm not too worried about that. Anyone have any better setups that only use single uranium cells?

    Mark V EA++

    EU/t: 720
    Timing: 5/8
    Effective EU/t: 300
    Efficiency: 6 of 6
    Running Cost: 187.2 UU
    Profit: 211.6 EU/t
    Overall Efficiency: 4.58

    Mark V EA+

    EU/t: 600
    Timing: 5/4
    Effective EU/t: 333.3
    Efficiency: 5 of 5
    Running Cost: 72 UU
    Profit: 297 EU/t
    Overall Efficiency: 4.46

    Both would requive HV wiring, and both have a couple of extra slots for plating... for safety.