Mark I Single Cell Only Reactors

  • I'm looking for decent designs that are only Mark I, and only use single uranium cells (so no double or quad). Efficiency isn't an issue, I'm mostly looking for most EU/t. The idea is to feed these with bees, so I'd rather avoid adding complexity by having to make copper for plating, hence the single cell requirement.

    What I have so far:

    270 EU/t
    16 Uranium Cells
    Eff: 3.38

    Could probably be cheaper, but I'm not too worried about that. Anyone have any better setups that only use single uranium cells?

  • Yep, Extra Bees has bees that produce 1 Uranium every ~30 minutes, and another one that can produce Tin at a similar rate. A lot of Extra Bees stuff is borderline OP, but since it takes a lot to get to them most people don't bother. (I currently have 20 Combustion Engines running off of ~8 bees. 4 kept them up fairly well, but couldn't keep up with constant operation).

  • Here Is the reactor I'm currently running, not quite as much power (230) but a bit higher efficiency (3.83), depends on what you're after.

    Color me impressed at 270 out of single cells though, not seen better than 265 before.

  • raGan the 285EU/t is very nice, thank you. The reason why I'm avoiding a MKII is for simplicity. I'm going to have 16 of them running in close proximity all being fed off of a large chain of Apiaries, so I'd rather avoid setting up timing related things for them.

  • Hey Guys

    im new here at the Forum but im used to Industrialcraft.

    So, i tested the Reactor design from raGan on our server : http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…88ujakr199k7lxppmsrqj9fy8
    My problem is, the reactorplaner says it should output 57 million EU in total.
    I only got like ~13 million in total and i dont know why.

    I got 2 reactors (1 is atm empty) hooked up to 2 2x3 MFSU´s (12 in total) by using 3x issulated HV cable.
    The reactors are 25 to 30 blocks away from the MFSU.
    I also looked into the cable calculator, it says my max EU lose should be like 4,8 million and not ~45 million.

    i hope someone can help me, sorry for my bad english :S

  • Your cabling is probably worse than you think, or you are using it up. I don't think the power is not generated. Reactor planner is ok, and output ingame is ok as well.

  • Your cabling is probably worse than you think, or you are using it up. I don't think the power is not generated. Reactor planner is ok, and output ingame is ok as well.

    The Industrial Information Panel says 285 Eu/t so its all fine there.
    EU reader says about 55 EU/t on the Hv cable.

    Do you think switch to Glass fibre cable could help?

  • Ok i try it, hope that it works, thanks :)

    Wish i have the cooper to craft dual or quad Urancells
    im not the greatest fan of single cells but my cooper reserves are low atm ;(

    Ok switched the design to spend less uran a friend of me spend some cooper ^^
    i use this now: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…adh05nlzbpykw84kwczan05q8 HAYO!
    And i switched to glass fibre cable and got no problems so far 280 EU/t in the cable (HV got ~55 EU/t) man HV sucks. :D

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  • HV sucks if not used properly. (glass fibre still better, though)
    Designs in this thread are focused to get most EU output using only single cells, which is probably not what you were looking for. If you don't like using copper to craft cells every time and care about efficiency, this is quite good design. It's not perfect, but it has solid efficiency and does not require combined cells. I use more of those and one breeder, and I'm happy with it. :P

  • Hmm this design looks good, i will look into it.
    Dosnt want to spend to mutch cooper :P

    I allready got 2 reactors and want to build 2 breeder, tested a few in creativ,
    but im not into it, with all the new stuff.

    My old breeder was heating up itself and holts his temp without no problems.
    But i havend looked at all the new stuff for the breeders like i sayd but i will.
    Its so mutch fun to build all this and play with it. :)