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    If you've got a tier 1 generator but make it generate more than 32 EU/t, it will fill. There's no way to increase the tier/actual maximum output of the generators purely because they're not meant to generate that much in the first place.

    If they wanted to make it so it could devs could add and upgrade slot to generators. The transformer upgrade would work great for increasing the output. Would especially work well for Geothermal Generators.

    Can the crafting and/or machine recipes that use cobblestone be changed to use any cobblestone from the Ore Dictionary?

    There is a mod that changes all stone and cobblestone to unstable cobblestone. Its registered in the ore dictionary as cobblestone, but I'm unable to use any of the cobblestone in IC2 recipes without converting it back to vanilla cobblestone. I'm sure it can't be the only mod that adds different kinds of cobblestone, but its particularly troublesome to convert

    I apologize if this is the wrong place to put this. But since it was a recipe request I felt this was the best thread for it.