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    I'd recommend that you two work together, this seems like a silly dispute to end a mod partnership over.
    Having two versions of a mod doesn't usually end up well; it would be much more productive for you two to combine your talents.

    If you compare the two versions of the code side by side, you should be able to easily merge them and use the original source while still keeping Zuxelus's changes.

    So... As I'm sure you've all noticed, I haven't updated the mod.
    Rather than continue to delay it, I've decided to hand it off to master801.
    Even if I brought myself to update the mod every now and then, I wouldn't be giving it the attention to detail it deserved.
    I feel pretty bad about this wait, but I just didn't want to give up my creation.
    As a result, I have reserved the right to step back in as a co-developer if I get back into Minecraft in the future. However, that is very unlikely and until then, master801 is in charge.

    Sorry about all of this.
    Making this mod was definitely a great experience, it's just not what I'm interested in anymore.
    I'm confident that master801 and whoever he chooses to work with will bring the mod back up to standard.

    Thanks for using my mod, and I hope you enjoy all future versions.

    I really love the idea of this mod! Loaded it up and tried it out but it the jetpack combo armors don't seem to operate the same as the IC2 jetpacks do.

    Whenever you activate the jetpack combo armors, it shoots you up at full speed, making it nearly impossible to land smoothly. Just thought I should pop in and see if it'd be possible to have inertia built into the jetpack like the regular IC2 jetpacks have.

    Tested using IC2 1.116.384


    I did have inertia... must have broke something. damnit.

    will this armor can be upgraded with an apiarist armor?

    Good idea, i'll add that to the crossmod compatibility checklist.

    Anyone that wants to suggest something- feel free. I don't really have as many good ideas anymore as I don't really play minecraft... lol.

    Sorry for the delay, meant to have this up a couple days ago. Went on a vacation with the family before school starts :)

    v1.14.3 Changelog
    -Fixed a bug where jetpacks with high Max EU would be useless
    -Added config for jetpack EU Usage
    -Added config for turbine EU Usage
    -Added config for Nano Bow crafting

    Download from the wiki.

    For now, I'm just going to maintain the mod and add some features here and there as per request of people here and on the wiki. I'll resume adding in my own big features later on.

    If you feel up to the challenge would you be interested in adding a config option to change the EU usage of jetpacks/turbines?
    Found a strange bug where the more EU a chestpeice has the weaker its jetpack becomes, right to the point where it is useless (Tested with ulti quantum armour)
    Would you consider adding a config option to disable the Nano bow crafting?

    Just thought I would throw these in again, I would guess they definitely got missed in the last few pages and whatnot. Any chance of having these little things fixed and features added for 1.5.2 before the 1.6.2 update?

    Sure, should have a new (1.5.2) version up with these features by the end of the week.

    Oops. I lied. That took like 30 minutes... maybe I was just being lazy. 1.5.2 version will be up in a second.

    My old post

    I understand your point, but it doesn't really apply because I'm considering giving up IC2CA and modding minecraft, not coding in general. I'm currently working on a game with some of my programmer buddies, and we can make a much larger amount of money by hoping one of our games gets popular than by hoping one of our minecraft mods gets popular...

    Nonetheless, it's not as bad as I expected and I may very well continue to maintain IC2CA for a while longer.

    Ok. So here's how it goes.

    I don't play minecraft anymore. This tends to happen to me- I get extremely addicted to a game for a year or so, and then all of a sudden I have no interest to play it anymore.
    Despite this, I wanted to try and at least maintain IC2CA, even if I didn't add too many new features to it... I kept making excuses for myself, saying I would do it after finals or after I had a bit of a break from school. Now, a month and a half later, I've done nothing for the mod.

    So yeah.

    But I will honestly start it tomorrow. 1.5.2 shouldn't be too hard, but from what I've heard from friends 1.6 is completely different, so I'm not making any promises as far as a time frame goes...

    I feel really bad about the delay... sorry guys.


    Edit: Found a strange bug where the more EU a chestpeice has the weaker its jetpack becomes, right to the point where it is useless (Tested with ulti quantum armour)
    Edit2: Would you consider adding a config option to disable the Nano bow crafting?

    jetpack bug- i thought something like that might happen, but I couldn't get it to in my testing. I'll look into it.
    config- sure, I'll add it to this fix i'm working on. Should be out later tonight or tomorrow.

    I have an idea about the nano bow, since it doesn't really use arrows but it shoots energy bolts, you should add a new type of entity that is shot from it and disappears when it its the target because right now it shoots actual arrows that cannot be retrieved from a wall or the ground. And I think it would look better.

    That's been on my to-do list for awhile, I'm just not the best with entities and I haven't gotten around to learning them yet. I will eventually get to it though...

    Just uploaded a new version. We'll call it 1.14.1, because not that much has changed.

    Fixed the derpiness on the server. Turns out that "SideOnly(Side.CLIENT)" is more important than I thought. Heh.
    Fixed the Cloaking Module having no texture.
    Fixed jetpacks being incredibly derpy.
    Added an API class for accessing my items. I will happily add more if anyone else needs to, say, add armor assembler recipes. Just let me know.

    Download link is in the main post or on
    The API download can be found in the same places.

    Random question to those of you that read this thread regularly: have any of you experienced glitchiness with the nano bow? (IE, modes not working, it requiring arrows, it breaking)? The man who was kind enough to make me a mod spotlight, thejereman13, had a lot of trouble with the nano bow, but whenever I try to use the nano bow in either my development instance or a normal instance, it works fine. I think it may be an incompatibility with other mods, so if anyone else has had trouble with it, please let me know.

    As far as the broken server, I haven't had time all week and I'm working on it now, should be out tomorrow or over the weekend.