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    Now you can add casting recipe for any fluid and any item if they are registered before IHL FMLPostInitializationEvent and they will be in NEI.
    Thats how to use it:

    1. addrecipe
    2. (
    3. injectionmold,
    4. recipeinput(fluidstack(water,100),itemstack(ihl:injectionMold,1,hash(diamond))),
    5. recipeoutput(itemstack(minecraft:diamond,1,0))
    6. )

    "hash" will convert argument into string hash.
    It is necessary for casting recipes to contain itemstack damage matching "resultSuffix" string hash.

    I found another bug: fluidstack stopped worked (at least for workbench, didnt check other devices).

    Iron workbench? Normal workbench? I don't get it, both of them does not support fluidstack input and never had. Iron workbench is not even a fluidtank.

    I have customitems:nozzlesteel, but casting is not working.

    I made a terrible mistake. It should be:

    Foghrye4 wrote:

    If any item is registered in ore dictionary or IHL item registry with name "prefixSuffix"

    Sorry. Can you add "customitems:nozzlesteel" to ore dictionary using custom mod? If you can't I could provide necessary API for you in IHL.

    I forgot to tell you that I changed "tooloredict" API. Now it is "tooloredict(oredict_entry)" instead of "tooloredict(oredict_entry, amount)". But I add back compatibility now, so you don't have to change anything.
    Recipe for nozzle already added, also now you can add casting recipe by yourself.
    Here is example:

    If recipeoutput stacksize is greather than 1, still one item is shown in receipt

    Fixed, thank you.

    If recipe output is not appearing when ingredients are ready there could be two cases:
    1. Recipe config on server and client side are not same.
    2. Server are lagging. In that case I should optimize iron workbench recipe output search.

    EDIT: wait, I also catch it. Unrelated from stacksize though. Weird.

    EDIT2: I can't find it. Now its working, but a moment ago it's not. mczapkie, you asked about NBT tags support. Now there is NBT tag support in recipes.

    1. addrecipe
    2. (
    3. ironworkbench,
    4. recipeinput(oredict(diamond,1),oredict(stickAnyWood,1),tooloredict(craftingToolKnife)),
    5. recipeoutput(itemstack(gregtech:gt.metatool.01,1,18,tags(integer(gt.rand,24293),nbt(GT.ToolStats,integer(a,8300),integer(c,8221),integer(j,128000)))))
    6. )

    mczapkie one more missing null check. Now its working.
    Also I figure it out how to fix bug with oredict entry for iron workbench.

    1. addrecipe
    2. (
    3. ironworkbench,
    4. recipeinput(oredict(plateSteel,4)),
    5. recipeoutput(itemstack(ihl:item.ihlSimpleItem,2,126))
    6. )

    What is trichlorosilane reserved for? Synthetic rubber?
    why iridium dust is involved in its production?

    trichlorosilane was planned to be used for obtaining pure silicon mono-crystals necessary for photolithography. IRL iridium dust is not used as katalysator, but could be used instead of platinum.

    PS. I cant find where to click to obtain recipes list for devices such lab electroliser, electrolisys bath or paper machine?
    It is a bug or feature?


    and got crash again: 'ambigous recipe'.

    Aha! Now I know why this is happened. Chemical reactor already have recipe for salt and sulphuric acid.

    1. ChemicalReactorTileEntity.addRecipe(new UniversalRecipeInput(Arrays.asList(new FluidStack[] {IHLUtils.getFluidStackWithSize("sulfuricacid", 3500)}), Arrays.asList(new ItemStack[] {IHLUtils.getOreDictItemStack("dustSalt")})), new UniversalRecipeOutput(Arrays.asList(new FluidStack[] {IHLUtils.getFluidStackWithSize("hydrogenchloride", 1000)}),Arrays.asList(new RecipeOutputItemStack[] {new RecipeOutputItemStack(IHLUtils.getOreDictItemStack("dustSodiumHydrogenSulfate"),3.5f)}),200));

    You need to remove old recipe first.

    I have once more question concerning recipes: how to add properly oredict entry?
    I tried the following:

    1. addrecipe
    2. (
    3. chemicalreactor,
    4. recipeinput(oredict(ore:dustSalt,2),fluidstack(sulfuricacid,1000)),
    5. recipeoutput(fluidstack(sodium_sulfate_na2so4_aq,1000),fluidstack(hydrogenchloride,2000))
    6. )

    but it caused crash. Removing ore: either. Or maybe I'm doing something else wrong?

    There should be no "ore:", definitely. Also all items and fluids should be registered in time of IHL post init., when recipe config is loaded. Write a crash report here.


    By the way, idea with iron workbench and associated machines is excellent,

    Thank you.


    displaying icons of tools inserted into tool slots (for example first 4 slots would display hoovering icons if not empty). It would be help with checking table state (where I put my bore again?)


    Another question - is it possible to remove/alter ihl recipes based on ic2 devices?

    I'm sorry, but this is not possible by a IHL to skip a certain IC2 recipe via config.
    There is a few possibilities:
    1. If GT is present, IC2 recipes are not loaded.
    2. You can skip all recipes (including native) with 'skipRecipeLoad = true'.

    Is it possible to customize casting recipies (for example add new sand form, liquid metal and output result)?

    No. Here is a list of possible casting details. If any item is registered in ore dictionary or item registry with name "prefixSuffix", where "prefix" - name of part (presented in this list) and "Suffix" is a name of metal - it is possible to made it by casting. For example, its possible to make "wireIridium" if someone add it by mod, but there is no crafting recipe for "wire" mold. You need to use minetweaker to add a recipe for mold with NBT tag "resultSuffix" = name_of_a_part.

    Let say, electrolysis bath for refining copper in CuSO4 solution, with some platinoid-like metals mud as byproduct.

    Probably this will work:

    1. addrecipe
    2. (
    3. labelectrolyzer,
    4. recipeinput(fluidstack(solution.bluevitriol,1000),oredict(crushedCopper,1)),
    5. recipeoutput(fluidstack(sulfuricacid,888),oredict(ingotCopper,2),oredict(dustTinyPlatinumGroupSludge,1))
    6. )

    it would be obsolete in future?

    Yes. Currently I'm in love with Minetest and it 3d chunks (called 'blocks'). Everyone is welcome to clone original IHL and continue my work.