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    I agree with Requia's suggestion. (This is how i was gonna suggest it be handled as well.)

    While we are at it, why not do the same for all reactor components?
    (Coolant cells, heat vents, ect.)

    Stacking coolant cells would make crafting overclocker's easier.

    But having multiple Nuclear Componant Canvas bags is half the fun... :3

    I dont tend to use the Power converters mod due to OP'ness and Unrealism.
    If only someone made a large multiblock Dynamo for BC to EU, and an Electromagnetic Current converter for Blu to EU.

    I'm pretty sure you have that backwards and liquiducts have loss. (bug, rather than design). However, if you don't have them to pipe steam I'm not sure how the hell you'll get the steam away from the reactor. You can barely get the steam with liquiducts higher capacity, and splitting off an iron tank isn't practical with gold pipe, so the only option would probably be to put one or two turbines right next to the reactor, and pipe the rest of the steam off.

    You can hook up Terreracts directly to it, so covering every block efficiently

    That was part of my intention =P.
    Thats obviously an insult of the laws of the physics :

    Pump + Infinite (here starts the insult) water pool + Watermill (or waterstrainer) = Infinite energy (here ends the insult)...

    Unmanned watermills are also f*** unrealistic" but they at least not that much as you can justify that it uses "water currents" [although they don't exist on an artificial lake] .
    Anyway, who cares? Watermills are so underused.

    I Accidentaly made 512 of them once
    stupid project tables

    Also = Perhaps a multiblock Structure that acts like a better Watermill but needs a RC Turbine/something like it?
    That Rotates?
    And absorbs water :3
    Would give a use for the RP2 Pump.

    Your post hurts my eyes.
    Also: You can still use infinite water for the mills, but if they Consumed the water faster then it Re-created itself.
    Like a Pump in a 2x2 Infiwater.


    Three of them is a bit better. The only problem is breeding uranium doesn't make thorium, it makes thorium+plutonium, and since you need the thorium to get good plutonium efficiency you either waste plutonium, or have to come up with a big source of thorium other than uranium to keep efficiency.

    Coal ore?

    Thanks for all the info guys, but im still a bit lost. If you are wondering, i play with feed the beast techs world mod pack, so no thermal expansion for me.

    One thing came trough my mind: What produces more power, a turbine at 50%output capacity, or two at 25% output? Also, are there any disadvantages of laying the turbines too far from the reactor or no?

    Pretty sure they will both output the same amount, but there is loss in non-liquiduct pipes so the 1 50% is probably a little better.

    As far as distribution of steam, a big enough reactor appears able to overrun even a large number of liquiducts, but it'll fill a iron tank at full speed, and you can put a whole bunch of valves on the tank, then use redstone powered liquiducts to draw 160 mb/tick per valve. As bonus, you get a buffer of a few million steam for a mid sized tank.

    Hmm... Wonder if i can make an xycraft tank out of reactors....