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    I have neither the time nor inclination to read through more than 3 pages of posts to see if people have brought up the issue I'm dealing with. This wasn't in the last three, so here I am.

    try using the search thread option at the top. I almost missed it myself. it hides in the "Industrial Craft2 - The Forum" banner at the top

    apologies, I am a n00b at IC, I admit it and accept it. I am not a creative mode n00b however, I am a redpower and computercraft man. I apologize that I was unaware of the correct thread to report this at, I assumed that pr bugs should not go on the main page, it appears I was incorrect. I searched this thread for the words "cell" and "uranium" but got nothing so I assumed it had not been reported. sorry for wasting your time

    There is an issue with the nuclear reactors on my game. I am using multiMC, not sure if that matters at all. basically made a reactor with 6 additional chambers, put a full single uranium cell in the center most position (had to go one up as there is no vertical center), if I place a depleted isotope cell next to it in about 0.5 seconds it is fully enriched. this is great and all but feels like cheating...