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    All civi's if you even touch my freaking workshop I will kill you! Is that clear? I know its for everyone but I'm nowhere near done so I will personaly hang you from a rope if you do. I will put a sign or another notice on here when you can touch it but for now...I need to set up a stable power and all machienery (Spelt wrong proberly) And by the way IBD you can help me set this up okay.

    would it be possible to create a bloc that extends the personnal safe, when in contact
    for instance, add 27 spaces or 54 to the safe, and have them chain,and if one extension block is not in contact with the safe but is with another that is in contact with the safe then it does extend
    or a version with pipes as suggested between a pack of extension blocks and the safe (pipes hideable in foam if possible)

    Yeah that would be nice, I also thought off that for a multiple block structure type thing. I think it would be nice if something like that happend and maybe the option to allow pumping in the safe and the option to allow pumping out of the safe.

    I was just thinking about my safe having a small inventory in my single player and then I realized it would be a nice idea if you could make the safe's bigger with Multiple Block Structure in that way it would kind off balance out. Later it would also be nice to add a animation of some sort to the safe opening.