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    Seems to be a texture thing with Q/Nano suit armours showing up as just pink and black boxes. Also NEI can't see any recipes even with NEI Plugins, which I think could be put down to IC2's custom crafting manager thing, and NEI Plugins not recognising it as IC2. Which makes sense, as it's probably looking for IC2E.
    Gonna check and see if CraftGuide also has the same issue.
    But otherwise, please don't stop working on this? I don't like the way IC2E is going, and I'd much rather have this in it's place.

    She also has a ridiculous policy when it comes to her pet mod. Much of what makes Industrialcraft, Buildcraft and the like great is the API that lets people make it greater still.
    Eloraam on the other hand seems to think that the but for a very few tiny mods I've seen recently on the MC-forums, nothing should be allowed to do anything to her precious mod. It has to be all her way or no way.

    Actually I looked into the archive of the current and previous versions and found the textures folder really was missing. So I copied the folder from the previous version into the current one and it worked again.

    Then the solution is simple. Don't use that folder.
    Better yet, don't use a modpack launcher at all. While I'll grant Magic Launcher and the like are useful, all you really need is a backup of minecraft.jar, a text editor, an archiving tool that can open minecraft.jar and a little patience to be willing to change your ID's and/or mods to the settings of whatever server you're logging into are. Then you avoid the issue entirely.
    Granted, that causes problems when trying to distribute modpacks, but I see that as a minor inconvenience I can put up with. By running with only the default launcher and those things above, I have the freedom to run whatever mods I want, at whatever versions I want, with whatever config I want. I'm not restrained to whatever Minecraft the launcher uses (Such as for example the long time Technic was stuck at 1.2.5), I'm not restrained to someone else's idea of what the best combination of mods are, I can up or downgrade both Minecraft and the mods as I please - in short, I find things better without a custom launcher.

    I just use Magic for the convenience of it - and I don't suffer from the problem you do.

    Right, but that's because it *is* the technic launcher you're using. And if Technic had done the right thing, there would have been no need for the code in Railcraft, and we would not all be arguing this point.Thus, Technic's people are still to blame. I stand by my point.

    Maybe because they think they're doing everyone a favour by providing for people who don't want to learn how to resolve simple ID conflicts, or even learn how to add mods in general, so are therefore providing a service and modders should be grateful they're making it easier for such people?
    Couldn't care less if that's the case, it's just how it seems to me. Technic/Tekkit= Minecraft modding for people who can't be bothered to learn a few simple thing, as far as I'm concerned.
    FTB is another matter, on the other hand. They at least have the manners to ask, provide credit, etc.

    Yeah, I was. Except every time there's been an update, it seems to reset the ID's used. I've had to re-set them again because it looks like the config file changed somehow, so it ignored the old entries and reassigned them to conflicting ID's.

    I think I've either got unexpected interactions with another mod, or there's recipies here that shouldn't be.
    After upgrading to Core 4.0.0 and BioMaterials 3.2.0, it appears that the compressed bio ball is being registered in the Forge Ore Dictionary as ingotUranium, and that normal bio-balls can be formed from four glass arranged in a diamond in the crafting grid.

    Edit: Figured it out. Removed this and the recipies produced Atomic Science items, so unusual interaction with that mod.