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    Hello Player,

    Just wanted to let you know that FastCraft is going to be included in my modpack, The World World Pack. The pack is available through the FTB launcher via the private modpack code "wwpack" and additionally it's available as a MultiMC download through (Google Doc link)

    If you need any additional information regarding the pack let me know.

    ThaumCraft has a pick axe called Pickaxe of the Core, the special ability of the pickaxe is randomly turn mined ores into Native Resources. A native resource can be smelted into 2 resources which in itself is very useful, however, it cannot be processed by GregTech machines to get the extra benefits from them, which renders them useless as far as I'm concerned. Would it be possible for GregTech to add support for ThaumCraft's native resources so that the pickaxe has it's own benifits?

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    It was suggested to me by Player that I let everyone here know about my live stream and I couldn't argue with it.

    Every day at 2:00 AM PST (click here to find out the time for you) we explore what IndustrialCraft2 and BuildCraft have to offer. A show is usually lasts 4 hours and I do communicate with the audience! Ask me questions, make suggestions or just make fun of me when I get creepered with the audience.

    Everything I use is completely legitimate, no creative mode, no admin command. If it's in my world my machines collected it for me, made it for me or I collected it on my own.

    Hope to see you there. <:

    After spending some time with one of the developers of IC2 we've narrowed down the cause of this issue. If you have Minecraft Forge installed and are using BuildCraft do not use clocks. Redstone torch updates in the same chunk as quarries will cause this problem to happen. The same thing will happen with the text on signs, faces on machinery etc.

    For the time being do not use clocks and you will not have this issue.

    To make it so quarries are able to be run with a single torch set to on go into \%APPDATA%\.minecraft\buildcraft\config open buildcraft.cfg and change current.continuous to "true". If you're playing in SMP you need to do this on both the client side and server side.

    Keep in mind that even if you have a clock that is not powering the quarry directly if there's a torch turning off and on within the same chunk it will cause the redraw.

    Thanks Player. <:

    I've been having issues with quarries redrawing the whole arm with every movement. Prior to installing IndustrialCraft I was running Buildcraft without any issues.

    Here's a screen shot of the glitched quarries:

    Here's how I have things set up:

    Playing on 1.8.1 SMP.
    Using IndustrialCraft2 version 1.15.
    Combined with version of Buildcraft.
    Mod dependencies for both are: ModLoader, ModLoaderMP, Player's ModLoaderMP Fix, MCForge 1.1.1, Player's SoundSystem Fix.

    Has anyone else experienced the same issue? Is there a fix? Maybe most importantly is anyone running on a similar set up without the issue?