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    Well, that's what I get for copy-pasting the Nano Static and changing a few things. It had the wrong tier (could have be charged in MFE) and transfer speed too. Fixed now, reuploaded.

    ok now it works thank you.

    I have the idea that you could "solar upgrade module" with "solar array's" make.

    Can I help in your Team? Maybe a German wiki create for your "mod"

    EDIT: Not with Google translate, but with a friend who can better English than I

    cool xD
    I think I understand everything xD

    At first I thought this is a turbine upgrade for the jetpack, so my question. (Oh man the sentence sounds funny xD)

    "As for the fire, I'll have a look at that."
    You mean, you look even after that? (ok done)
    (google translater sucks xD)
    I should learn English xD

    EDIT: I use tekkit lite (last version 0.5.7)
    Thanks for looking, strange.

    IC2 Version: v1.115.208

    I have found a bug.
    If I use nano or quantity bodyarmor( :Quantum-Bodyarmor: ) from yours mod. Completely loaded and all armament parts also in and then goes to lava or fire, then I agree no damage ( :) ). When I walk out of the lava, then I get all the time damage until the fire goes out ( :( ), a half heart per second.
    If I use the original body armor( :Quantum-Bodyarmor: ), then go directly from the fire as soon as I walk out of the lava and get no damage.

    If I upgrade my Quantumbodyarmor( :Quantum-Bodyarmor: ) with the flight turbine upgrade module, then stops working the already built-in jetpack. Is that correct?

    The mod is really good, she's exactly what I was looking for. :thumbup:
    Please developed further, I need it xD

    Sorry for my bad English, had already use google translate. Otherwise speak only German. Hope you can still understand my sentences.

    with friendly greetings