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    Thanks for all the replies.

    Unfortunate that it cant be changed or at least turned off, but I guess we'll have to live with it.

    On an unrelated note, does anyone know how to speed up the processing time of the Blast Furnace. It seems to take FOREVER to run even one cycle.

    Not sure if this is the correct sub-forum for this question, so apologies if it's not.

    I host a 1.12.2 server with several friends and we were getting frustrated with the (rather high) EU loss per cable section built into the mod. I realize that back in the 1.7.10 version the EU loss was disabled for various reasons, but now I'm almost wishing it was gone again for the most recent versions since it seems like more of an annoyance than an element of 'challenge'.

    So my question is: Can the amount of EU lost per cable section be modified for my server? From something like 0.2 per copper cable to something more forgiving like 0.05 per cable? Is there a config line to edit somewhere to accomplish this? If not, can I somehow just disable it altogether?

    Thanks in advance!

    Condensators are a bad nuclear reactor component, you shouldn't be using it anyway unless you can spare a few million lapis every cycle.

    To recharge it, I believe you can use XyFabricators, GT Autocrafting tables, TubeStuff autocrafting (not very sure about this), TE Machinist's Table (I think) or Buildcraft advanced crafting table (the one powered by lasers; not very sure about this either).

    Oh ya! I forgot about those laser powered crafting tables.
    Thanks, they work like a charm.

    As for the use of condensators, you are right, they need a ton of lapis..... If it took 1 lapis to fully recharge instead of 3 it might be worth it, but as of now it probably isn't.

    Is there a way to automate the recharging process of Condensators?
    I cant seem to recharge them with redstone or lapis any way other than manually in a crafting table. Using Buildcraft, for example, Condensators can not even be placed in an auto-crafting table (called auto-workbench in recent versions).
    Is there a machine in IC2 that is capable of recharging condensators? If not does anyone know of a way to automate the process using various mods?

    Thanks in advance!

    As of Experimental it does. @Above, yes this is the correct place since Experimental is latest and EVERYTHING (bug reports, suggestions ect) should always be for the latest version.
    I do think Coal (not charcoal though, that should be nerfed >:D ) should be buffed because it is an annoying resource you mine out of the ground and its only use is carbon plates and torches. Would be nice seeing people power their main machines off of a coal fired plant instead of the same old lava or BC/forestry fuel.

    I was thinking lava in the geothermal generators needed to be buffed more than anything. Compared to BC Oil and Fuel, it is simply pathetic. Lava has a burn time of 500 at a rate of 20 EU/t, making 10k EU. Oil burns for 2000 at a rate of 8 EU/t, making 16k EU total. And fuel burns for 8000 at a rate of 32EU/t for an astounding 128k EU! Either lava should be buffed, or Fuel nerfed.

    With the addition of Semifluid Generators I feel that the burn time for several fuels needs to be adjusted.

    As far as I can tell, the burn times for some of the game's fuels are:
    Coal - 400
    Lava - 500
    BC Oil - 2000
    BC Fuel - 8000

    I realize that IC2 has no control over BC burn times, but to counter the incredibly high values that they have in comparison to coal and lava, perhaps other fuels should be raised for the sake of balance?
    I suggest coal goes to 500 and lava to 1000, that way they are a bit more on-par with the power of the BC fuels.
    Is this a possible improvement? Does it bring up any issues that I have overlooked? What do you guys think?

    Ok then, forget tekkit.
    I'm still having trouble following the installation instructions. Do i just put the whole zip folder in the mods folder in my .minecraft directory? What about for my server?
    Thanks again.


    Ok, so I eventually got it working on my own, but now i have another question. Is there a way to modify the EU/t output values for both oil and fuel in the generator? The config file has a way to modify the total EU of a bucket, but not the rate at which it outputs.