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    She doesn't at all. I also noticed that when looking at it. By the way, first person who gives me usable textures, some-what correctly named, will get a alpha for 1.5.2 when I update. Let the contest begin! :D

    RP-World texures in the new format: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.…/mods/
    (I'll edit the post and update the zip with the progress).
    upd1: RP-Base added
    upd2: RP-Control and RP-Lighting added
    upd3: RP-Machine and RP_Compat added. I'm burned out for now, no wiring or logic textures today.

    Doublepost because I prefer to separate my plans from discussion.
    Coke oven inventory cannot be accessed while it's hot (i.e. you cannot put more ingredients or extract solid products during the process). Also this oven can be used for charcoal production. 15 wooden logs -> 5 charcoal + 1 tar. (balanced around mass. if balanced by volume, charcoal outcome should be 10x more). Charcoal processing lasts 2 minecraft days (1 day for coke).
    Tar should be used in boat recipe. Also torches can be made with wool/cloth + tar, creosote or oil. If coal torches disabled, you'll have to use lava, furnaces and daylight as your stone age light source. I'll add gaslamps as torch alternative. Gaslamps would not consume any fuel except gas cell used in crafting. First screenshots are coming soon.

    Here's an idea for the Industrial Fermenter, which I suggested for Gregtech earlier:

    I came up with the similar idea:
    Your bacteria colony has following stats: growth rate, resistance, population. You get your first bacteria from rotten potato or mycellium (requires forestry moistener), it can turn plant material into biomass, processing speeed depends on population size. Population growth occurs only during fermentation. Random mutations can occur as well as instant death of several species. Mutations can be basic (stat change) or advanced (changes food and products). The bigger population you have, the less mutation of a single specie affect.
    I scrapped this idea because:
    - no ideas for population control, you'll get unlimited source of useless bacteria liquid (yes, bacteria colony is liquid in my vision).
    - no ideas for reactions except realistic ones I put into OP.

    For what I remember of mine, some weren't in those 2 groups ... Like the Oil-related stuff I suggested myriads of time especially.

    Yep, those are pretty cool except the part where you don't have much oil in GT.

    Wow I thought this would eventually happen, a modding the mod that is being modded by another mod .
    Nonetheless sounds awesome and can't wait to see it!

    P.S. I f you need any help you can just ask me. I am familiar with the IC2 API.

    I'm not really modding GT, but designing my addon to fit well into GT theme. Thanks for your offer, but as for IC2 API there are alot of opensource addons to learn it. I wish GT API had any examples.

    reminds me of some GT suggestion ... I know it's extremly long, but if you want Ideas, take a look at the GT thread (even the TO DO list, given Greg isn't implementing those ^^). There are tons of stuff Oil-related missing in IC².

    Been there, done that. Those suggestions can be divided into two large groups: poorly described and supreme advanced tech involving for the sake of supreme advanced tech.

    More ideas to be implemented:
    Replace Iron Furnace with Gas Furnace (same cooking speed, but with gas fuels instead of solid ones), add more fuel gases and their production chain.
    Gas Furnace fuel values:

    • methane - 110 items
    • town gas - 73 items
    • enriched water gas - 44 items requires crude oil cracking, idea killed by the lack of crude oil.
    • hydrogen - 36 items
    • water gas - 30 items

    To get some town gas you'll need a coke oven (not RC one, much better):
    Hollow multiblock structure 3x3 4 blocks tall made of firebricks (cook vanilla brick again to get one) includes coke oven hopper on top (call it material input hatch), fuel gas input hatch on bottom (yes, it can be self-sustaining if you want), and firebox in front. Produced gas is auto-ejected into pipes connected to any block of 2 middle layers. Firebox acts like RC solid-fueled firebox producing heat depending on fuel fed into it. After the oven is hot enough, gas production starts (the hotter the oven, the better result you get). You put coal dust into the hopper and get 1 coke coal and 10-25 (depending on heat) gas per 4 dusts. Hydrated coal dust produces blue water gas instead of coal gas, lignite produces ashes instead of coke.
    Crude coal gas proceeds into condenser (optional, yields tar which can be distilled into creosote or used for asphalt pavement for faster movement) and purifier (hollow multiblock made of lead-plated bricks) to become useful town gas. Purifier can be fed with lime dust if available.
    Blue water gas can be centrifuged into hydrogen and carbon dioxide (4:2:1).
    Town gas can be centrifuged into hydrogen, methane and nitrogen (20:10:5:2), some byproducts are wasted).

    New Machines:
    Industrial Fermenter (somewhat like Forestry Fermenter, but with more uses)
    Freeze Dryer
    Serum Extractor (Infuser?) for Serum production. Serum is industrial potion. Serum can be injected using syringe.
    Medical bed. Can be used at any moment (not only an night, does not reset your save point, but still counts as bed), you need to put some serum in it to make it heal and/or satiate you while consuming EU and materials.

    New Recipes: Image attached.

    Serum effects:
    Healing Serum: Regeneration I
    Nutrition Serum: Replenish 2 hunger bars
    Stimulant Serum: Speed I, Haste I
    Painkiller Serum: Slowness I, Health Boost I

    Medical Nano Armor: auto-uses healing serum when you're hurt.

    Concept is raw and I suck badly at texturing, so any help or advice would be gladly appreciated.

    Iguana Tweaks and /gamerule naturalRegeneration false

    Iguana tweaks can discourage suicide for regen, and also makes you spawn with only 2.5 hearts on Hard. It can also make poison do less total damage, but removes the part where it can't normally kill you.

    In such case I would never leave my base and only do crops :D