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    Thank you Talonius! As soon as I removed the Terraformer, the clouds lifted, the sun shone, and the server was working again! I can't thank you enough, along with Adien_Alexander too! You guys rock my socks man!

    Sorry it took long to respond, when I crash a get a read timed out error. And yes, we have a terraformer. Also, how comes the /give command doens't recognize the ids. I need it after running an incorrect version of modloader wiped out all of our machinery :(

    I have a private server for me and my friend to play on. It worked well for hours, and I noticed it started making a lot of these .ssav files in the server folder. I didn't think anything of it, but all of a sudden I was disconnected after not being able to create/destroy blocks with a Read timed out error. I've tried rebooting the server plenty of times, but it reverts to an older save with eird bugs where placed blocks are still there but our old inventories are back too. The crash still happens after a few moments. Recently I tried rerunning the server after deleting the .ssav files (I made a backup with the .ssav files in case), but all it did with delay the crash an extra 30 minutes. Help! :!:

    When i build a Jetpack in SMP, something weird happens. I am able to put the components into the crafting table, and able to grab the Jetpack(empty) with my mouse. But as soon as I pick it up, it snaps back into the crafting table, and all the components come back, as if nothing happened. I've already built and flown a Jetpack in single player, and all other features work fine in SMP. Help!