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    i love how gregtech makes every thing harder normaly by now i would have made every thing in ic2 on a world but with this mod ive barely made a dent in to machine tech. the mod really makes you plan a head on what machines you need to set your self up for a decent start.

    i was just sitting at my computer thinking of how nice it would be to be able to have a gravity altering machine. it could be used as a gravity lift for going up a set height to allow access to a upper base lvl. And where if you jumped down on to it your fall would be slowed down to allow you to reach the lower level of a base. now im not a very good planner on recipes but it could call for iridium plates and superconductors to craft it along with a high energy demand since it would be altering gravity in the space above it. it would be nice to see this added to gregtech since it would fall under a high tier tech that this mod is so well known for. but its just a suggestion all up to greg if he wants to add this to the mod. :D

    (my first thoughts on the idea today was some thing along the lines of a machine that could completely alter gravity with in a set range pulling things to it much like earth does. i felt it would seem too much like gravitycraft that way. that and being it might be quite hard to allow players to walk on the ceiling with inverted gravity coding wise... but i don’t know i cant code.)

    That depends on how outdated the Wiki is.

    Added the Magic Energy Absorber, a Device capable of extracting Magic Energy from enhanted Tools and close by Ender Crystals (if the switch is ON ofcourse). It works with every Enchantment (even Mod added ones). Oh f***, I just remember that I forgot to fix one Exploit regarding this Device...
    Fixed Dragon Egg Siphon.

    What is a Ender Crystal? is that some thing new in the mod or is it from another mod?

    ive been testing some this week while i was sick with the flu. i have yet to corrupt my world or cause chunks to reset as you have stated in the first post of this topic. from what i have seen it is quite stable or at least on my end. later i am going to test my luck and try to teleport a block out past the loaded chunks. and see what happens. its 256 blocks that are loaded in every direction right from the player?

    i tried to use your mod as a weapons platform with a nuke... it failed once i armed the nuke lol. any chance this will ever work like that?
    but at any rate im yet to find a block to crash my game. when I started testing i thought that a reactor would crash the game by beaming the core out but it did not.
    seem every thing is well with the mod right now aside from needing black listed blocks to prevent people from using it to make a home of bedrock lol. I cant wait for the next instalment of the mod :D also will there be textures next the next up date? i do find the pink block with sides/top marked all over it funny.


    Place a computer down to the left of the transporter, open the computer GUI, type lua, type m = peripheral.wrap("right"), then you can say things like m.retrieve(), and m.transmit() after setting coordinates.

    m = peripheral.wrap("right") so with that command it allows me to use all the lua commands for the mod? if so great :D

    ok ive got computer craft interacting with the block but i cant seem to make it move things around. am i missing some thing?
    nvm i worked that out

    i've noticed that the teleporter does not consume power when moving items i charged it up and unplugged it no change in its power lvl ive been moving a note block around a few times to check. is power usage not implemented yet until the bugs are worked out?

    well ive only been tossing ideas out since ive never really tried to interface with out side blocks with computer craft. i have no clue how to make this work with computer craft any one here willing to help teach me how to use this mod and make a program over pm's? i would really like to help bug test this but im clueless to how to make it work any one willing to i would be thankful for.

    i was thinking about the signal for a way to increase the range would to have some sort of craft-able booster block that would link with any teleporter. being it can link with any since it would just boost any signal around it it would be built much like a generator that is in gregtech that must not be named. at the base it would have its control block then on top you would place iron fences like an antenna on top of it. each fence block would cause a small signal increase to a set percentage. say a signal increase of 1-2%? per-block but like the magnetizer it can only power 20 fences on top of. it would look some thing like this. since that they would only be-able to to boost 20-40% of the signal 2 could be used side by side to further more boost the signal. they would have a limited range of how far they boost the signal. but much like the wind mill if built higher up there could be a slight altitude signal boost for them. and have a 32 eu/t for a small tower and for a medium tower 128 eu/t and for the full size tower 512 eu/t it would balance things out a bit so people couldn’t just spam them to get unlimited range. just my thoughts on this clearly this is up to the modder if he wants to use this idea.
    iron bars = fence
    adv machine = controller

    :Refined Iron:
    :Refined Iron:
    :Refined Iron:
    :Advanced Machine: