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    Greg PLEASE make a UU-Matter block
    You answered the call for an iridium block but that gets boring
    Also, could you make some recipes REQUIRE UU? I mean while most people will make iridium by uu it's still possible to make a fusion reactor without a mattersfabricator, I believe
    So uu block and uu in recipes
    Please ;(

    Like greg wants someone to build Ultimate Hybrid Solar OPanels which are from another addon (Sentimel).
    I'm the only one that can do OP things for GregTech Intergalactical. In name of science! (and nerfs)

    xD I too was confused because I was like ??? Greg hates Solars lol and I don't remember this guy from the forums?

    The original IC2 one... I can't find it anywhere in the cnfigs.

    There are, at least from memory, two configs
    I'm pretty sure it's in the one that someone posted above
    Look in the section called hard recipes or recipe changes or something
    Open up the link and press Ctrl-f and search steel
    Should say something like steel tools that MIGHT work

    Honestly, I like the compressortostroageblock
    It's great for automatic systems
    Taking it apart is a bit annoying but oh well it doesn't really make sense for steve to be prying blocks of metal apart with his bare hands, then again cutting down a tree with your bare hands or having dirt not fall doesn't make sense either

    The Numbers wont change. It was just too easy to leave it as Numbers for the Items.

    look into the Itemstack and you will find out that you did it right.

    yay! :D
    also if you're feeling depressed and want some free comedy sign up for an account at this site:
    I guarantee after reading a few rage threads about you and your mod you will lol
    for some extra lulz I am implementing a block called the greg block :D
    1 dragon egg matter (cook dragon egg in furnace) around 8 nether star matter (cook it in furnace) = 1 greg block
    Greg block has different sided textures, one side being the yellow G on a blue background, another being the blue G on black background and finally another being greg's face
    putting one gregblock in a crafting table=1 tiny pile of dirt dust
    4 tiny piles = 1 regular pile which can be smelted into 1 dirt :D

    OK, trying to understand metadata and give cracked stone, mossy stone, and chiseled stone bricks recipes
    This is a general question and anybody who has viable input please help

    My question is does the metadata come first or last?
    would the first one give 4 of 98:1 (mossy stone brick) or would they all give 1,2,3 respectively of a block that doesn't exist?

    Edit: Great minds think alike :P
    I actually did like the volcano biomes...Similar to RP2 biomes which I miss
    And I know it's not as OP as RP2 gems, it's just the fact that they're there..I think you're mod is a good spawning rate. I went through a tunnel that someone dug out with a mining cart and they were fairly common...
    as for the liquid I mean, you could just almost die from a mob, then jump back in your base and sit in it
    as for the rubies yea :P maybe I'll make them the diamond texture, speaking of that Sirus did you get those textures done?
    and as for the plate bender wow that's shocking I did not know that. I really like the concept because the plates look a lot more professional than ingots I think..It's a new concept that not a lot of people use. Like EVERYONE uses ingots, but you and the IC2 team used plates which like I said I think look pro..