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    Found three of them:

    1) Using the shift-click to put a chainsaw from your hotbar into a chest while the chainsaw is active does NOT stop the chainsaw sound from playing. Is stopped when you bring the chainsaw back out and switch items again.

    2) Dying while a chainsaw is active does NOT stop the chainsaw sound from playing in that location.

    3) Chainsaws (and drills for that matter) do NOT play their respective "block-break" sounds - chainsaw grind, drill whirr...

    Indeed. I would request that you simply leave the flexibility to change the method to generate the multiplier, and Ofc us a Floating point variable, just so you can change it later if needed.

    ...alright. I'll add in the option to toggle between the two methods in the Menu.

    Would it be possible to output heat generation realtime, i.e. as soon as you insert heating elements? That would make it able to judge on the fly the amount of heat generated, and thus adjust the amount of coolant cells in the design.

    The whole purpose of the simulator is to determine the results of a full cycle quickly. As well, the different Class rankings are based upon if they last a certain amount of time without detonating or interaction. I'm also assuming the player is using Redstone to keep the nuke cells off until it's fully prepped.

    Im not actually sure that is the case btw. The equation might actually instead be this.


    meaning it is a smooth slope, rather than a staircase, if you know what I mean. I don't actually know either way, but Alblaka should be able to tell us.

    It's that word "might" that concerns me, though. We aren't exactly sure if your formula is the true one, so I'm sticking to the "staircase" ramping.

    Now then, that aside... development of the simulator is nearing completion. All that's really left is output and design saving/loading.

    For the output...

    Hopefully, by the end, I can get it to spit out a large amount of the vitals of the reactor design - efficiency, heat generated and dissipated, energy generated, destroyed items, whether or not any of the Depleted Isotope Cells were refined enough within a single cycle, and probably most importantly, if the reactor itself would be destroyed with such a layout.

    I'm dropping whether or not the reactor is destroyed - such a thing would be obvious anyways if it's classified as a Mark III or higher. Speaking of...

    how about also code some pre-made designs in, and give what class the reactor is. that will be great.

    While I'm not going to code in pre-made designs (I'm sure people would be able to come up with and share design files anyways) I'm going to code in the Mark rating of the reactor design. It's also going to add the "Hungry," "-SUC" and "Breeder" modifiers if they apply - "Breeder" is applied only if it actually produces any Re-Enriched Cells.

    In any case, here's what I have for the output so far...

    Anything else I should be adding?

    Exactly, on 3000 heat it should take 2 fresh uranium cells to enrich a single depleted one. For outward cooling, anything that's not water or air provides precisely zilch. Nearby fire and lava are particularly bad, they actually reduce outward cooling (although never to the point where the reactor gains heat from the outside). The cooling values for those are -2 (fire) and -3 (lava) if you want them. I guess they might be useful in rare situations for creating an exactly temperature-stable reactor, so there you go.

    Alright, I see what it is. When the Reactor Heat is 0 to 2999, it takes 4 Uranium Cells, 40000 Pulses. As for external heating, lava's easy enough, simply assume that it's completely covering the reactor, like water would. But it's gonna be fun to figure out fire... simply because of how fire works - it can't be in every block surrounding the Reactor. The only question is how to figure out the maximum heating of the reactor...

    Concerning the plating: I think Alblaka stated in his guide that plating will distribute “fair heat” and save the amount which they are not able to dissipate for the next reactor pulse. I think that may have been info that I missed. I just changed the simulation so that it adds any heat it has itself to any heat it's supposed to distribute, and, if it doesn't divide out evenly, it'll keep any of the remainder on itself. In terms of simulating the plating, as well, every time the simulation tells the plating to pulse, it'll only subtract 0.1 heat from itself (and add 0.1 to heatdisperse). When the Uranium Cell distributes its heat, if it recognizes it's sending the heat to a Reactor Plating, it'll instead tell it to spread it instead of just dropping the heat on. It has a nice side effect of not forcing the plating to spread if heat back to the first plating unless another Uranium Cell tells it to (simulating normal behavior anyways).

    Found a few more questions...

    • Enrichment of depleted cell in a 3000-heat reactor takes about 20,000 uranium pulses. It's based on a random chance, so mileage may vary slightly, but for simulation purposes it can be modeled as a constant increase.

    What's exactly considered a "uranium pulse"? Since a Uranium Cell lasts for 10,000 Reactor Pulses, are you saying it takes 2 Uranium Cells to enrich a Depleted Cell on low heat?

    On outward cooling, what amount of outward cooling is granted to a tile that isn't air or water or a Reactor Chamber, like a cable, dirt, planks, or stone?

    ...I might as well come out with a teeny preview of how it looks...

    In any case, I'm letting the user decide just how many Chambers are added and whether it's air-cooled or water-cooled (meaning it's gotta change the "outward cooling" amount).

    Thanks to Drashian, I think I might have enough information to work out the code. As I said before, I'm using the BYOND System to create this app, which most likely means that you'll have to get the system yourself to use the app. I'll see if I can't try to get it to work on it's own, though.

    Hopefully, by the end, I can get it to spit out a large amount of the vitals of the reactor design - efficiency, heat generated and dissipated, energy generated, destroyed items, whether or not any of the Depleted Isotope Cells were refined enough within a single cycle, and probably most importantly, if the reactor itself would be destroyed with such a layout.

    Blast it, I've found more questions to ask.

    For the Reactor Plating, it says that it distributes heat to nearby heat-absorbing items, including other Plating which distributes it again. There's a few things I'm curious about - how much does it distribute at most per pulse? If one Plating pulses, does it pass the heat to the second Plating and waits for it to pulse, or does it effectively force a pulse with the no-other-Plating modifier? If the latter, can other Plating pulse again, thereby sending some heat back to the first Plating, and forcing it to pulse with modifier again?

    Also with pulses, is there any sort of order that the items pulse in? I'm planning to have the Nuclear Cells pulse first, then Reactor Plating/Heat Dispersers, then Coolant, then finally check with the one-time use stuff and perform outward cooling, all in "reading" order - left to right, top to bottom. Is this the best way to do it, or is there a better way?

    And then there's Breeding. Assuming that speed cleanly doubles at every 3000 (that is, 4x at 6000, and 8x at 9000) how many pulses does a Depleted Cell need at heat under 3000 to be refined? Where does the produced heat (1 heat per pulse, apparently) go? And where does the supposed heat catalyst come from, the hull?

    For the Heat Dispersers, which occurs first? The transfer from/to nearby components, or from/to the hull itself?

    The reason why I was putting in lapis lazuli and glowstone dust was to make it hard to obtain the saplings so as to make it so people would not be able to make rubber tree farms too easily.

    ...whereas I've been able to get a sapling or two per tree just from stripping rubber trees of all their leaves by hand?

    Also did I just see mention of T4 machines AND a Ion cannon?? You just made my week :P

    Ion Cannon? You mean... Hadouken? Kamehameha? :P

    In any case.

    I’m also one of those who think that there should be no obvious violations of physics with these high-tech machines, so I’m against using this LHC or similar machines for generating antimatter (and getting more energy out of it afterwards)

    ...obvious violations of physics? I'm sorry, you don't like the floating islands? Or the random floating blocks of dirt?

    ...not to shoot it down or anything, but of what use would flowing fuel have? I've messed with BC oil, and tried to light it aflame. Didn't do diddly-squat, since Minecraft treated it as non-flammable water. If all you want is a fuel...-fueled fireplace, surely you can use Netherrack to the same effect... which either requires going to the Nether or using a simple scrapbox (I've gotten two with around 10-ish boxes in IC1). I can't think of any other use for flowing fuel other than storage of the fuel.

    Also, we gotta be careful for balancing's sake. We can't have an infinite fuel spring like Water, and we gotta be careful about allowing coal fuel and bio fuel to mix.

    I get burning 10 leaves to get a sapling - that's probably around the normal drop rate anyways. And bonemeal and wood planks are easy enough to get on their own anyways (unless you play peaceful like me, but hey.)... but you're also asking us to toss in a lapis lazuli and a glowstone? And what is Hc even?

    I feel that making 3 recipes and a function for the Extractor just to do the same function as placing and breaking the leaves on their own is fairly redundant...

    I'm starting to develop a little application for IC2's new Nuclear Reactor, which would simulate an entire cycle and give an output as to how it did in the end. I'm basing most of my information on Alblaka's tutorial... though there's still a few things I still need to figure out.

    Now, I'm not exactly good enough at Java to be able to dev it there, however I'm using a system called BYOND which has a good underlying structure to help me work this out.

    I'm letting the user pick out exactly how many additional Reactor Chambers they've added onto the reactor, and whether or not they are surrounding it in air or water. I'm automatically assuming that they're trying to maximize cooling with either substance, digging out whatever dirt/stone they need to to get the air/water underneath the reactor. I'm also assuming that, if they have a Chamber, they're connecting the cable to the Chamber instead of the Reactor itself.

    One thing I'm questioning is exactly what the "3 by 3 sphere" is centered on... is it on the Nuker? And does it just mean that the external cooling elements are just one block away in any direction from the Nuker? Does that mean that the Reactor Chambers actually sit inside this "sphere"? Do Chambers have "spheres" of their own?

    Another thing is what's exactly considered a "cooling element." I know the regular cooling elements are considered one - Coolant Cell, Reactor Plating, and Heat Dispersers... but do water and ice count as "cooling elements" too, even if they're only one use? Do they have heat values of their own? Do they perform their checks once a pulse?

    Hopefully, with this I can better understand the new Nuker, and with that I can create a program that hopefully can work out the vitals of the Nuker before it's built.

    Its not intended to work with batbox. Just with MFE/MFSU

    Quote from Electrolyzer Wiki Page

    Put the Electrolyzer next to a MFE, MFSU or a BatBox and it'll take some power and converts Water Cells to Electrolyzed Water Cells.

    Argh. Why must misleading Wiki Page be misleading? I tried using the Electrolyzer with a BatBox a couple times now, to no avail... on top of, beside, in the chain of (didn't realize it's not powered like a regular machine) and even with a dedicated BatBox (biggest waste of 10000+ early EU)...

    I did a selective deletion of my cookies (because I don't want to delete ALL my cookies) and it actually worked. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Just a little side note for those who don't know about "selective" deletion for Chrome:

    Wrench Menu > Options
    "Under the Hood" on the left > "Content Settings..." under Privacy, the first section
    "All cookies and site data..." in Cookies, the first section
    Use the search to the top left to search for "Industrial" and delete all hits