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    I've been playing with the generators and had some trouble with the wind mill build #271 I placed it on top of my work shop (94) and tried running tin cable, copper cable, placing it right ontop of the batbox, runnign tit up tp 107 on a mast of tin cable but never got any power out of the wind mill. I am playing a bare bones server with the wife so I have no other power mods to fall back on but what is in IC2 so using a string of solar panels on the roof I placed a couple of water mills in the ocean and I have a geothemal I throw some lava in from time to time everything is still on 32 lv for now so the wind mills would be some help at night any ideas?

    btw anyone know how to use the semi-fluid or radio isotope?

    just installed 221 and tried it got no output from the lapis pattern now. I tried lapis and diamond now I get no output from the replicator though it uses the UU matter and power I am feeding it.
    Since I installed 221 and got no output I tried re scanning a piece of lapis now I have two lapis patterns in my pattern storage one works one does not. will try breaking it and placing a new one.

    Installed build 225 and replicator is working again now!!

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    They work ok but if I log out it unloads what I was doing and goes back to making redstone! CRAP as I am sitting here typing this I remember I forgot to put my chunk loader back in when I rebuilt my workshop!!!
    A word of warning when using multi- block items I have found (I mix in some UE mods for power) when you remove them they seem to left "ghost blocks" behind and if you place something on top of the left over pieces you get a world crashing ticking entity error which I had to use MC-edit to repair.

    Gonna go add my chunk loader back in and let my replicator go back to making me diamonds. I do kinda of miss being able to run a crap ton of power to an old mass fab and make it spit out a ton of UU matter sometimes though it was a little to EE like, The newer ones seem so slow wish it was a little faster love the new system over all so built 4 mass fabs but still slow.

    If I remember right this new mass fab has a input limit of 512. I know the old mass fab would blow up like a nuke if you over powered it (beyond 2048?) So to get uu matter faster I will have to build additional mass fabs? (besides the chest pumping junk into the recycler for scrap which I will have to play with to see if I can pump into the mass to automate the whole thing later tonight) will be neat to get the mass running with scrap piping in and uu matter pumping out.

    after about three cycles it stopped working. So I switched on the redstone engine and it started working again so I turned it off as soon as it had pumped out the uu matter. With the redstone engine off it pumped two more loads of the uu matter then stopped again until I turned on the redstone engine again. If I leave the engine running it seems to always work just odd I never heard anything about a redstone engine holding power like a batbox or something.

    Have you tried the normal liquid transfer method? i.e. wooden fluid pipe with redstone engine on the mass fab?

    The pump is made to suck up liquids from the world. In order to transfer liquid between inventories, you don't need a pump, just a wooden fluid pipe. Buildcraft has worked this way since ancient times... ;)

    I tried golden liquid transfer pipe with a redstone engine forgot to try the wooden ones will give it a try!!

    Yep I forgot about the wooden transport pipe. But what's odd is I have the wooden transport pipe on top of the mass fab that then hooks into golden transport pipe (all water proofed) going to the replicator't top, with a redstone engine on the wooden transport pipe it transferred it WITHOUT the redstone engine as if the mass has an internal pump to push the uu matter ( or a glitch? or is it that i am using golden transport instead of say water proofed cobblestone?)

    Just got done building them and set them up. So far my scanner is reading items and storing the pattern in the storage device. Beside that I have my replicator which sees the pattern, now on to the fun part for now I set the mass fab on top of the replicator to see if it will transfer the liquid UU matter or if I will have to set up a bump and pipes to draw it out and send it into the replicator. Any one have a set up that is running or could compare notes? will update as I can may not be till tomorrow night though wish me luck!!!

    quick update placing mass fab on top of the replicator was a no go.

    placed a buildcraft pump on top of mass fab (same type i was using on ore washer made from mining well) powered it with a redstone engine and ran the pipe to the top of the replicator no go.

    I do have the replicator working by using universal cells to drain the mass fab and then I carry it over to the replicator dump it in, pain in the ass but it's working for me till i figure out how to pump the uu matter over!!

    Well first thing is make sure you can see the mode selector in the GUI of the canner. I have the sphax pack and it does not have the GUI in it, so for now I switch back to default minecraft textures when using the canning machine.
    Once you can see the gui click on the mode selector at the bottom of the gui to change modes. I ended up using an universal cell to grab water with first, put the water into the canner, then placed the universal cell into the canner, and then added my CF powder! Now I have a can of CF foam (well universal cell of it). Will add a buildcraft pump and pipes for water once things are running a little smoother with the canner for now using the cells to carry water is working fine.

    What I still do not know is how to get the foam can/cell into a sprayer or backpack anyone get that one figured out yet?

    Still looking on how to make/mix CF powder into the foam or to fill a sprayer or backpack so that is preventing me from trying the scanner and replicator.

    There was a recipe mix up between MFFS (the new UE version) and IC2 exp. I have updated MFFS to 224 and IC2 to 173 and now the thermal cent. shows in NEI!!! So once I get my construction foam goin I'll try the scanner and replicator I hope.

    To make the fence put iron ignots into the metal former turn them into plates then run them through again to turn them into castings then after that switch the former over to wire mode and run those through are the steps I used I think!!

    Also to make the construction foam powder I was lost for awhile since I was using UE machine to triple my ore output and was getting no stone dust!! I had to use the macerator then the ore washer just to get the stone dust!! Wish you could crush compressor or use some other machine to make the stone dust since the only way to get it is to use the ore washer.

    Also builds 173 and 174 keep giving me ticking entity errors paulscode sound file it looks like coming from mass fab. My server crashes if there are any mass fab machines in it. Remove the mass fab. and the server runs fine seems to happen since they have been working with the scanner or replicator patterns (ores, redstone, and diamonds)

    So far got the iron fence and most of everything else figured out just same as last post I have the CF powder tried adding water a backpack or a sprayer and no foam!! Still no luck on the thermal cent. build 166 I have two mining lasers two coild an advanced machine block and I have tried two different types of steel. I look at the JPG from the post above but so far no luck crafting ot build 166.

    hm build #162 thermal centrifuge Recepie work fine for me…b/2013-09-14_10.38.36.png

    To be honest have not tried building the scanner, replicator, or thermal centrifuge since the recepie does not show in my NEI. They may work but little low on resources and trying not to cheat items in. The thermal centrifuge does not show any recepie at all the replicator and scanner will not show me how to make reinforced stone when I click on them, so it may just be a NEI issue. Also I made a upgraded lappack to power my mining laser and it will not draw power from the pack just drains the laser, will try it with a plain batpack an see if it's the same issue.