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    I present to you, a quick little "Instruction Manual" for the gregtech computer cube, developed by my good friend, mammoth007kid

    I regret to inform a lethal bug...

    I have been playing on the FTB mindcrack/ultimate a lot recently, where I am an admin for a very close-knit community. I tried firing up my fusion reactor after the latest FTB ultimate update for my server city, because all the power had been removed because a server-side issue we had.

    To compensate for the loss of fusion, the the other admins let me fire it back up with a quantum generator.

    My form of automation for the reactor is buildcraft pipes that over-spill into thaumcraft golems(un-related).

    When I tried to connect my quantum generator to the side, it connected to the buildcraft pipe, immediately followed by the entire TeamSpeak channel going crazy over the amount of lag.

    No more than 5 seconds later and the entire server crashes. I can't get the server back up, so I get the head-admin on it. Server starts up, he is no where near the area, while I wait for my minecraft to start back up, I tell him to go visit to city for me, see if theres a problem, second he loads the chunk with the quantum generator the server crashes again.

    My minecraft has started back up, Head admin has the server abck up, we know for sure the problem now. I have the glorious honor of working in a modding clan as a texture artist, so I know that I have a maximum of 4 minecraft ticks to break the entire assembly. I start up on the server, I am staring right at it, like at that moment when I had placed the generator, the server stopped relaying information.

    I manage to destroy the quantum generator and the buildcraft pipe within my time-limit, but I cannot let this lethal bug go un-noticed.

    In short quantum generators have no gui input/output slots. Buildcraft pipes made to put stuff into/take out of input/output gui slots. Buildcraft pipe connects regardless, and overloads the server checking for a valid gui, more or less a self-inflicted ddos...(But don't quote me on that, that is just my interpretation from my intuition)

    ~~admin bloodbrothersinc.

    I would like to sign up on behalf of my friend as well as myself,
    Username: positivePXL

    Main mods you like: The only mods I don't like are factorization, and I am not familier with thaumcraft, but I have mastered every other one in the pack.
    Experience: Months of solid 5 hour nights working hard to make the best for my servers.

    Main mods you like: Thaumcraft and dabble in other mods.
    Experience: similar playing hours to myself.