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    I mean I'm watching tutorials and all for Java, but when I look at Minecraft code it's not really like what was taught. I guess I just haven't gotten far enough into the tutorials

    What exactly are you watching? For example I watched the "New Boston" tutorials (up to the 45th) and got chastised for it by a Java programmer... so I switched to the Oracle Java Tutorials... hopefully it will be comprehensive enough.

    All I know is if you can't program in normal java and make some simple games and programs and try to mod you will be only hurting yourself and ruining your process of education. Lot of people do that thinking they will learn lots of java from just the modding part but actually cause more harm then good.

    I will likely finish before attempting anything.


    Personally recommended by Greg (and me)

    Thank you, I'll look into that.

    Update IC² to the broken edition.

    And now excuse me again, I have to create the most stupid Machine ever. And with stupid I mean, that it does even less than a small Buffer. Why should one craft it? Becuase you can place Upgrades and Covers on it, like the SolarPanel Cover for example. Did I mention that it also has a tiny internal Tank, making it useful for Valve Covers? The Block looks btw exactly like an MFE.

    A. What do you mean by updated IC² to the broken edition?
    B. What, exactly, do you plan to name this modular block?

    Try rotating the industrial blast furnace block. If it isn't facing the multiblock structure, then it can't find it.

    Seems greg found the issue... tried to update to the newest version and got an error:

    Hello. I'm having an issue with gregtech's multiblock structures. In gregtech 3.01a for Minecraft 1.5.1 all the singleblock structures work but the multiblock structures all say the multiblock is incomplete. I know I have built both the industrial grinder and the industrial blast furnace correctly and yet it still says incomplete machine casing.