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    Executive Bolts: Have the Wraith deploy the entropy collector in coordinates *^.
    D.A.W.N.: Sir, slipspace is no longer stable. A transition like that could be seriously dangerous.
    Executive Bolts: Use a hyperspacial fluidic compression. Why is slipspace compromised?
    D.A.W.N.: It's saturated with chaos energy. Transition complete; preliminary endothermic charge has detonated...hmm...
    Executive Bolts: D.A.W.N., what is it?
    D.A.W.N.: Well, sir, if we drain Chaos of his entropic energy, (he's in space, by the way) he'll die. I was just calculating the probability of this act being unethical.
    Executive Bolts: We can soon find out. S.A.M.!
    S.A.M.: Yes, sir?
    Executive Bolts: Is killing the entity Chaos for our semipersonal gain unethical?
    S.A.M.: Well...hmmm...considering...oh!,never mind
    Executive Bolts: Well, then, let's put him out of his misery! Overclock the collector to 6400%.

    Executive Bolts: To answer your questions: Firstly, I will not actively support your fight against the spambots. Their true navies are far more powerful than the scout ships you have encountered. It's simply too dangerous. I can, however, divert some of my resources for your benefit and give you discounts on weaponry.
    Secondly, Project Mutatio is the code name for an initiative to research metaphysics and technomancy. The zero point bombs I have deployed are just one of the products of Project Mutatio. I can't tell you more right now, besides the fact that I am an active participant, and so is The Drake of Fire.

    Blaster: So, we have detected chaos energy emanating from this location. Please explain this.

    Executive Bolts: I have collected six Chaos Emeralds.

    Blaster: What?!

    Executive Bolts: That should be a satisfactory explanation. Oh, your operative Chaos is currently attempting to destroy them, so please call him off.

    Blaster: You're only one step away from controlling the universe! Why bother with asking me?!

    Executive Bolts: I have no intention of obtaining the seventh. I have enough power.

    D.A.W.N.: Sir, I have detected a cryptoplasma emission. It appears that Bitterholz is up to his usual tricks.

    Executive Bolts: I've appreciated this unfortunately brief discussion. I have important things to see to. Please leave, no offense.

    Executive Bolts: D.A.W.N., inform Agent T10a that his mission is complete. Also, send the Wraith to coordinates X: 4000, Y: 128, Z: 12000 and activate preliminary charge sequence for the cryptoplasma cannon.

    D.A.W.N.: Preliminary charge sequence active. Sir, the cloaking sealant on Chaos Emeralds 4 through 6 is compromised.

    Executive Bolts: Apply another layer. Where is Mr. Blaster?

    D.A.W.N.: His shuttle is 18 hours from the perimeter.

    Executive Bolts: Good; I'd like to meet him.

    Executive Bolts: D.A.W.N., I've noticed a spacial displacement in coordinates **.

    D.A.W.N.: It appears to have a biotic signature. Someone's been messing around in the Twilight Forest.

    Executive Bolts: Hmm.

    D.A.W.N.:Also, a Mr. Blaster wishes to speak to you, face to face. Shall I draft an appointment?

    Executive Bolts: All right. Fabricate some tea and cookies too. Oh, before I forget, deploy the Wraith.

    Executive Bolts: Hello. I have gathered from your intercepted transmissions that you believe I am a totally insane megalomaniac. This is not the case. I am the owner and CEO of a weapons manufacturing corporation. I appologize for the destruction of the Minecraftian orbital defense network; I sincerely believed that it was already shut down, and I will flush the person who gave me that report into space at the earliest opportunity. If you like, I will give you access to the aeonium refinery I have deployed in the annexed regions, and give you high priorities for weaponry trade. In return, you will not call me "that psycho" any more, and you will disarm all rail guns, slipspace missiles, and other miscellania aimed at my primary field emmiter. Thank you for your cooperation.

    By the way, the antitechnology field isn't the only thing protecting these sectors. Mr. thepowdertoy, where do you really think you got the blueprints for A.T.N.?

    --Transmission Start--

    Attention, all vessels:
    Sectors Hex5 through Hex43 have been annexed by Aetherial Techneticies. All unauthorized vehicles will be destroyed without bias.

    --Transmission End--

    Executive Bolts: The zero point bomb appears successful. Put it in the new product folder.

    Main Computer: Upload successful. Displacement field detected; approaching rapidly.

    Executive Bolts: Analyse.

    Main Computer: Antitechnology displacement field. Engaging evasive maneuvers.

    Executive Bolts: While you're at it, open a conference call to thepowdertoy, Bitterholz, and Blaster. I'd like to explain a few things.

    Main Computer: Awaiting acceptance...

    Executive Bolts: That got their attention. Now, reassign target to Minecraftian Defense Platform. Keyword: Blaster+quarters' location on node. Triangulate off of the reactor, and find the median point. Also, activate auxiliary reactor and charge shields to 5000%.

    AI Construct 5: Target reassigned.

    AI Construct 6: Shields charged.

    Executive Bolts: Fire.

    Executive Bolts: Zero-Point bomb status?

    AI Construct 1: Strangelet isomorph has been injected into substrate.

    AI Construct 4: Engaging axial inertia locks.

    AI Construct 5: Mass driver is fully charged. Awaiting target.

    Executive Bolts: Lock target on... A.L.B.L.A.K.A. Turret Network disengaged node.

    AI Construct 1: Are you sure? The calculated radius encompasses four other nodes.

    Executive Bolts: Isn't that the point?

    AI Construct 5: Target locked.

    Location: Space Station Lucifer

    AI Construct 1: Zero-Point Charge deployed successfully.

    Executive Bolts: Analyze and report damage to second ship.

    AI Construct 2: Outer shield disengaged, 1 turret damaged by shrapnel, auxiliary reactor leaking plasma.

    Executive Bolts: Open a channel to A.T.N. Systems MC HQ. I'd like to see the Complosion Impressor prototyping status.

    AI Construct 3: Channel open to Aetherial Technology Network Systems, Minecraftian Headquarters.

    Head Researcher on Complosion Impressor team: Hello, Mr Bolts! We've activated the prototype and generated a synthetic Chaos Emerald!I'll have the shuttle transport it to you. How'd the Zero-Point bomb go?

    Executive Bolts: Very good. Thank you.

    thepowdertoy: Spambot, bring it on

    Both ships were poised to fight, locking on to each other's main system nodes, about to clearly destroy each other in a shower of gamma rays. They didn't get a chance. The spambot ship was simply swallowed in a giant blast of zero-point energy. When the various spacial anomalies and distortions cleared, it was clear that the spambot ship was totally, utterly, and magnificently destroyed.