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    A lot of my friends sugested the folowing ability and i was intressted if you could implement that: could you create a function for the gravi chestplate so that you're able to switch between the creative and jetpack flight mode? I think that should be possible right? My friends would be very happy about that!

    PS: Sorry for mistakes in my text! Im swiss.

    Great idea, +1 for that!

    Now for 1.5.1: I managed to upgrade a world from 1.4 by simply removing every adjacent block aka making machines float and removing half of the cables.
    Note: This was a test, no large scale world. This might only work for a limited number.

    I recommend you simply grab all your IC2 stuff and place it back down 1.5 or simply start over.

    I removed all the IC2 stuff from my world, updated to 1.5.1 and re-added things with NEI. Only things I can't get back are the seed bags with good Gr/Ga/Re-Values, but I can live with that.

    Something else I noticed: in a newly generated world, IC2 works, but on maps containing "IC2 data", it just crashes. Could it be that there is something missing in the .jar, that's needed to load the IC2 stuff one already has in the world correctly?
    I would be happy if someone could help.

    The later builds at work with 1.5.1, expect plenty of breakage though.

    I apologise if this is not the right place to post this, but I am getting the following error with forge #608 and IC2 build 115.260 & 115.263 (the newest ones). Is this my fault, or one of the problems you mentioned?