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    Do Batboxes have a Loss themselfs?
    If no, just hook up the Windmills directly to batboxes and have a Ton of batboxes down to your base.

    You are forgetting the loss in wire going down. Copper can only go 4 before you need another bat box and while glass cable can go as far as tin and handle 512 eu, it takes lots of diamonds to make enough. this makes wind gens near useless for early bases unless your base is way up above the clouds.

    Wind gens need to be placed so high that to run enough tin wire up you seem to loose what makes unless there is a storm. You can't run tin after a batbox because they put out 32eu. And diamond is a bit costly. But if there was an ULV batbox that only put out 5eu, maybe only holding 1000eu, or even 500eu or a ULV transformer to convert the output of a batbox back down to 5eu, then wind gens would be more usefull. AS it is, you need massive banks of them and costly diamond wire to make use. Unless there is a way to use the RP2 transformer to switch back and forth.

    Which was part of the first post question and why I explained what I was trying to do. Spwnx only said the tanks only take what is already in it. He didn't say I couldn't pull liquid from the IC2 miner/pump. Why would it matter about sorting the liquid if it can't be pulled in the first place???

    So now I just leave the IC2 pump off, connect up an MFE and carry the power over in crystals. When the miner hits liquid, I swap it for a pump that can drain the fluid area. Only when I tried it last night, on the second swap back, the pump bugged and left the pipe in the ground. the miner mined down and filled back with dirt, but the pipe is still there also :(

    You didn't read my first post. I don't want to put the extra lava in cells. That is why I am trying pull out what is not used by the thermo gen as lava into tanks. I tried connecting to the minner and tried connecting to the pump to get what it doesn't send to the thermo gen. When an IC2 pump is next to a thermo gen, you only put 1 empty cell in which is not used. the Lava is sent to the thermo gen until full. Maybe I should put the pipe on the thermo gen and try to pump out from it's internal storage.

    I seem to be having problems figuring out where the pipe should connect. I tried both WP stone and redstone motor powered wood on both the miner and the pump. If I use non-WP wood and motor on the miner, it pulls the scanner out and dumps it on the ground.

    I was also hoping it would drain the lava the way the BC pump does, but it don't seem to. So it looks like I'll have to run the miner without a pump and when it hits liquid, swap it for a BC pump

    I'm trying to work out a setup with an IC2 miner next to an IC2 pump next to an IC2 thermo gen. But I want the extra lava the gen doesn't use to go to a tank instead of the cans. I was thinking putting a pipe on the pump to get what the gen can't use. Normally you have to put a second IC2 pump on the miner and dump cans into the chest.

    But i'm not sure how to sort the water and lava from the pipe, assuming that part even works. Do I just put 2 tanks on the pipe and once a tank gets one type of liquid it won't take the other? or will it mix them creating a tank of obsidian?

    I got the cells from NEI using a test world. Guess that don't work for experimenting. So after a reactor run, the reactor has depleted AND damaged cells in it? They do stay in it right? not ejected needing pick up before despawn? Guess I meed to run a couple copies of MC so I can run test while playing. Don't want to blow up the server world (haven't got the resources in there yet anyway).

    I was playing with Geothermal Generators but it only uses source lava blocks which are consumed. Not sure what is ment by the RedPower volcano providing infinite power as they just seem to be be a source block on black rock.

    So I was reading on reactors and was trying to find a way to make use of that heat. Tried in a test world putting the generator next to the reactor, but the generator doesn't produce power unless the source is inside. Tried heating some coolant cells and putting them in teh gen, but that didn't work ether. Just seems like there should be a way to use that heat.

    Also, on a side note. Putting depleted cells next to an active cell seemed to change it to a useable re-enriched cell within about a second. The way I read it, it should take some time to recharge a cell.