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    I can see the recipes in NEI but the compressor does nothing with them. I put 16 overclockers, debug tool in charge slot and nothing happens.

    16 overclockers?
    you sure it can take that many?
    if my memory is correct, if you put too many overclockers, nothing will happen

    Herobrine_exodus, you've already posted multiple times in this thread, and each time your reactor designs have been shot down by multiple people.
    I think maybe your problem is you keep trying to design multiple reactors at the same time.
    I would suggest that you focus on just ONE reactor, perfect it, and then post it.
    Remember that efficiency is good, and putting cells next to each other gets you more efficiency, so try to group your cells together instead of checkerboarding them.
    and please just read the first page. Anything you've posted is outdone by some reactor on the first page.
    If there's any chance that you listen to anything in this post, thanks in advance. you'd be saving skavier, omicron, and requia from saying the exact same things to you everytime you post.

    I love a good cheap breeder. I like your designs, but there is either a missing detail or the design did not consider an important factor.

    These are not designed to be heat stable. Heat stable means retains heat while off, for that to be true, the heat generated by heating cells has to equal or preferably slightly exceed cooling. Both designs you posted will be cold as ice after half a cycle of not running. Cooling has to meet or exceed heat generated from uranium while running, which is 60 for the uranium surrounded by isotopes. As a result, heat generated by heating cells has to exceed a minimum of 60 for your basic efficient breeder isotope configuration, if you want a heat stable design. That's a minimum of 15 heating cells surrounded by 4 heat-able components. I haven't found a way to do that cheaply, maybe you can. Of course, not all breeders need to be heat stable.

    So, going off the designs you actually posted, you slid the heat slider way up there, even though you are gonna have a cold or cooler start. You either need to slide the slider down to 0 heat starting to get an accurate representation of just starting it as is, or work out instructions on how to get the heat up to the slider, like what heat vents to pull, and how long you have to wait before inserting the vents and the fuel just before turning it on.

    Figured this might be a problem
    I use the first one in my own world, so i have the thing worked out for a hot start
    just pull out both the overclocked heat vents when not using, and voila, 16k heat.
    i have BC emerald pipes pull them out at a certain damage value (7100 and 8100) so that if the reactor cools down from me not using it, the vents have two chances to be pulled out so the reactor stays hot.
    Works most of the time.
    Just out of curiosity, how does one make a breeder that heats when the vents are in?

    ah. Thanks!

    No mean to break the current stream of events, but i would like to ask a question, and this seemed like a good place to ask it.
    Can anyone explain why the components in this breeder:
    melt down faster than the components in this:
    as far as i can tell, i just flipped the original design upside-down.
    how is it that i'm able to put more heating cells in the second than the first?
    thanks in advance