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    Necroposting because this guy asks a lot of really good posts about cable splitting in IC2. I'm very familiar with IC1 cables, but these newfangled systems have me beguiled, the wiki has very little information, and I've already read nearly a dozen topics that don't even come close to answering the tough questions.

    To add some fuel to the fire: If an Induction furnace needs only 1 EU/t to keep warm, where the heck am I going to get a machine that outputs a measly 1 EU? Off the top of my head all machines output at least 32 EU/t. The way I see this playing out is: Induction Furnace drops from max energy to (max - 1) and then requests more energy, gets sent a large packet, and bam. Wasted energy. Please tell me MFE's/etc. can output less, through some arcane means, than their displayed output.

    To restate some of TC's questions in english:

    If there is a split in a cable and only one machine on one end requests power, does the packet that gets sent out in response get split in half, or does it all go down the 'right' path?

    Actually, the more I think about it, the more that question gets to the heart of it all. If the e-net is 'smart' and it always sends the right amount of EUP down the right path, well, life will be just dandy! I bet we could all get rid of a lot of buffer boxes and other shenanigans. But if the e-net isn't 'smart'... Well... I've got a hell of a lot of work ahead of me getting a small windmill farm to supply energy to over a dozen different machines/areas as efficiently as possible. I'd *really* rather not have to stuff transformers, MFEs, and more transformers at every single split and output.

    Any takers?

    I'm having a hard time turning iron fences into a feasible method of transportation. I have a large 80+ tower I want to be able to get up and down quickly, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what the best way to set these things up. I've come to terms with needing two chutes (one for up, the other for down), but a Magnetizer will only power 20~ fences! This is ridiculous! To make things worse, I can't just add another Magnetizer along the way because then the player's vertical trip up will be abruptly halted when they hit the Magnetizer with their head.

    I was really hoping to fit a set-up into a 1x80x3 dimension box but now I am despairing. My next best idea is to have two columns of fences that alternate in power, but as I'm doing all this in survival legit I don't want to waste time and energy building a design only to find a better way shortly after.

    I am only using IC^2, no other mods. How have you guys solved the vertical dilemma?

    Nano-Tech Rebalanced

    After playing IndustrialCraft for about 3 weeks, for whatever reason, I was motivated to install the Nano-Armor and try it out. Holy cow, it is so frickin' amazing! It's amazingly fun. Amazingly amazingly fun. But, at the same time, I understand why it isn't currently enabled in SMP - the Nano-Chest piece is (amazingly) overpowered! So I got to thinking about ways we could fix this situation.

    First of all, I'd like it if some sort of Nano-based weapon was introduced. I've got three ideas in mind, though I'm not saying all three are needed.
    - The first is a Nano-tech Sword that does 5-10 hearts of damage, but also destroys large amounts of energy from Nano-armor, becoming the melee counter to the Nano-Chest piece. Like all Nano-tech, however, if it fell below 33% durability it would lose a lot of damage and lose the armor-damaging effect, but also be rechargeable.
    - Second idea: some sort of ranged weapon (e.g. gun, beam, mini-cannon :P ) that had very similar effects - damage to Nano-armor is enhanced, but needs to be recharged frequently.
    - The third idea I have is a bit unorthodox: a block similar to the Tesla Coil or Force Field that, when powered, saps energy from Nano-tech in a good-sized radius and actually returns it (via cable), allowing you to gain the power lost from the unfortunate Nano-soldier.

    Any of these three weapons I think would become a strong counter to a fully outfitted Nano-soldier, perhaps persuading Alblaka to enable Nano-armor in SMP? (Please! :P )

    Alternatively, if Nano-tech weaponry seems too strong or unreasonable to introduce, the Chest piece itself could be rebalanced. Currently, while above 33% it completely negates all damage that would be done to a player's hearts. I was thinking that instead it could heal the player slowly over time. Perhaps a rate of 1/2 a heart every 2 seconds would not be too overpowered? It would still allow a person outfitted in full Nano to be burst down by all sorts of tricks, whether it be melee combat, Tesla coils, or even a piston-lava trap ;)
    I dunno, I'd just really really like it if we had some - ANY - of the Nano-tech in SMP! I am almost salivating. Please consider it, Alblaka! :)

    I'll edit in some recipes in a short while, I've gotta run right now. Also, the recipes would be pretty variable based on what's implemented.

    I heartily agree! I've actually never made Single Use batteries because crafting Fuel seemed like a complicated and unnecessary waste of both time and resources. If this change went through, I would make my first Jetpack A.S.A.P. :D