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    Have kind of an odd trouble. Guess, because of having Eloraam's Redpower, I get two different kinds of copper. This is ok, I can tell them apart. However, she also has tin. Either I've only found hers, and not yours yet, or something's squirrely. When I smelt it, I get "Tin Ingots" which don't work in IC2 recipes. Any ideas about this? Can't even get to the Re batteries to, get to, ultimately, at least intially, the Macerator. Read somewhere in one of IC2's forums, that when you macerate them, then they become indistinguishable from each other, which is cool. However, can't get to the batteries or the initial Generator. (Just started a new world after BC and BTW updated. Was into T2 in IC2 in the last one).
    Again, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. :)