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    Honestly it seems like a really good mechanic. With an investment of 450 lapis, it becomes slightly better than normal ore-doubling machines, but there are drawbacks that make this balanced. First, and most importantly, you have to manually mine stuff. Ore doubling machines (including the old RM Furnace from EE2) can easily be automated, while this requires constant manual mining. Secondly, mining with fortune (esp. compared to silk touch) causes inventory space to run out faster.

    Still, you shouldn't be forced to disable a feature of your mod just because of another mod adding a conflicting feature, just as he shouldn't have to entirely disable his feature. I've suggested to him that he ought to create blacklist functionality so that when other mod authors make smelting recipes for getting back base materials, they can easily add the block to a TC blacklist to prevent TC from fortunesmelting that block.

    Thats still TC fault for making ALL smeltable stuff to be fortuned, creating exploits with any block that can be placed in the world and smelted, not only GT blocks.
    Lets see, for example cobblestone + auto-smelt + fortune = more than 1 stone, which can be reversed back into cobblestone without any other mod.

    Auto-smelt should NOT be compatible with fortune with any blocks but ores.

    If breaking a block makes a block drop, fortune has no effect. It only has an effect when breaking a block causes items to drop.
    So for instance breaking a block of cobble with an autosmelt-fortune pick will just drop one stone block.

    But it's not only the storage blocks from GT that have this problem. Anvils and a few other blocks have similar problems when a mod adds a recipe to smelt that item into ingots.

    Two words: Red Power
    Although I am seriously considering ditching RP and getting Chickenbones's Wireless Redstone mod, as all that I use RP for now is nukeplant control (on/off switch that doesn't wash away)
    Do you know of where I can get the IC2 update to 1.5.x, so that I can complete the process?

    New builds for IC2 can be gotten from
    The site looks to be having some trouble at the moment, so you might have to try later.

    Found another bug: QZH condensators stop functioning after absorbing only 999 heat, making them pretty useless (well, even more useless than condensators usually are). Their durability bars are still nearly full at this point (they've absorbed 2% of their maximum heat), but they stop getting damaged and all the heat they were formerly absorbing goes straight to the reactor, leading quickly to a meltdown. I tested to ensure this wasn't just an error with the durability value not being properly displayed (the AR website suggests that this is the case).

    Also, not sure if this is intended: your QZH condensator durability is equal to the heat it has absorbed, so 233 heat would be :233. The vanilla IC2 ones work differently in this regard - they change their metadata value so that after absorbing their maximum amount of heat they're at :9999, so for LZH it's about 10 heat per durability value. It looks like all the reactor components have values from 0-9999 for metadata regardless of their total heat capacity, probably to simplify the code for heat exchangers. But since heat exchangers can't take heat away from condensators, it probably doesn't matter in this case.

    is there some setups that will produce more EU/t with these using 15 uranium cell setups ? as a Mark 1 reactor?

    The mod's tier 3 reactor has more slots than a normal ic2 reactor, and there are also chambers that provide additional cooling. So yes, you will be able to make a higher-output MK I reactor with this mod than you could in vanilla IC2. If that's what your question was.

    In a7, all 3 tiers of reactor have the same initial max heat values (the default 10k). In a6 they had different values when initially placed but would revert to 10k on exit and reload, but now they show 10k right from the start.

    Heat still loops after 32k, but only when there's a component in the reactor that removes heat from the reactor itself (reactor heat vent, overclocked heat vent, heat exchanger, advanced heat exchanger, and reactor heat exchanger, and also the ender chamber). With the ender chamber, it loops to 0, but in the other cases it loops to -32k.

    Edit: I agree that ender chambers are a bit cheap for how good they are. I would suggest making another item crafted with end stone and some expensive stuff, and replace end stone in your current recipe with the new new item. Could even make it a new component, maybe an ender heat vent that removes X heat directly from the reactor and then cools itself by the same amount. I'd suggest 15 or lower.

    Some problems in the Alpha 6 version (not sure if they were present before since Alpha 6 is the first version I've tried):

    1. Any type of reactor plating does not work as intended in your reactors. It does add the extra heat capacity, but it keeps adding it again every second. This is evident with a panel from nuclear control, which shows the values for max heat and meltdown constantly increasing. Similarly, when removing the plating the extra heat capacity is not reduced back to normal values. To ensure that the problem was not with the info panel, I tested the reactor itself by removing all heat plating and letting it heat up with a few plutonium quad packs. It was able to far exceed the normal heat maximums without it exploding. When exiting and reloading the world, the max heat and meltdown values return to normal: the test reactor exploded immediately on world load.

    2. Another bug regarding temperature. If a reactor heats up past 32767 heat, it loops back around to -32768. Are you using a short to store heat values for your reactor? This causes effects such as high-temperature breeders not being able to reach their intended operating temperture, and the ability to safely run a high power reactor with no cooling whatsoever.

    3. Not quite a bug, but perhaps an unintended behavior due to the way Greg changed Thorium. From what I can tell, ender chambers only vent heat when the reactor produced heat during the previous reactor tick. Thorium cells, however, only produce heat every 5th tick (or 2/5 and 4/5 for dual and quad thorium cells). This results in the ender chamber effectively venting significantly less heat for thorium-only reactors, as low as 6.4 average heat per reactor tick if only single cells are used. This would be easiest to fix by simply letting ender chambers vent their heat every second regardless of whether heat was produced the preceding second. This would also make ender chambers more effective for MK. V reactors (where they're also less effective than normal due to being off for some portion of the time). Personally I don't see why they wouldn't simply vent heat every second, regardless of whether the reactor is producing heat or is even on, but maybe there's a design consideration you have that I'm not thinking about.

    Edit: I should probably add that I definitely tested issue 1 with normal IC2 reactors, and I think I tested issue 2 as well, and did not have either problem with the classic reactor.