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    I've a Problem with the Industrial Blast Furnace. I need Vacuum Freezed Tungstensteel for the Plasma Generator. NEI says I neeed a Heat Capacity of 3000k to make Hot Tungstensteel, which I need to cool it down in the Vacuum Freezer: I replaced every Reinforced Machine Casing, with Advanced Machine Casing and 2 Lava Buckets in the middle, to get the Maximum capacity. But I get only 2880K Heat Capacity, so I can't craft this Item: The Problem is not, that I used other Steel that was shown in the recipe. I checked that I didn't miss any Machine Casings that I've to replace, I rebuilt the Structure, but I get not more then 2880K Heat Capacity. What's the Problem?

    Is a fusion reactor with maximum Advanced Machine Casing(2 Material Injector, 4 Energy Injector, 1 Material Extractor, 1 Control Computer) fast enough to supply 8 Plasma generators? The wiki says one can supply 31,5 but I don't know if it has to be one, that has minimum Advanced Machine Casing(16 Energy Injectors, 16 Material Injectors, 16 Material Extractors, 1 Control Computer), or if the number of Injectors, Extractors doesn't matter.

    As far as your numbers go, they look right to me. You need 96 cooling towers for your 4 reactors.

    Yes, you need more sets of Helium cooling cells. You'll want enough cooling cells to fill each and every one of your cooling towers. Because at some point, if you run this long enough, each and every one of your cooling towers will have a cooling cell cooling down in it.

    + the reactor itself would need to have a full set of cells at all times. I'd say safest would be to fill the reactor + all cooling towers with cells + have a few extra for the lag in moving them around.

    OK, Thanks for helping me.:)

    sorry, got those numbers reversed. For these, it should be 8/2*(3000/660) = 18.1 (round up to 19) cooling towers. However, you have a MAJOR problem, sir. That reactor planner IS NOT ACCURATE. Do not trust anything it says when you start using GregTech, particularly not when you start using plutonium. The numbers have changed significantly since the last time the planner was updated. Use a Gtech computer to simulate a reactor for a more accurate set of numbers.

    OK, GregTech Computer said 526 sec on the plutonium setup. I need
    8/2*(3000sec/526sec)=22,8(23) Cooling Towers. For a Matter Fab I need 4 reactors so I would need 92 cooling Towers. Last question: The 4 reactors would have 32 cooling cells. So I could only fill 16 of the cooling Towers. Do I need now more sets of Helium cooling cells, or how should I fill the other ones?

    I don't Understand that:
    number of cooling cells / 2 *(Micro-Cycle/Cooling Cycle)
    = 8/2 *(660sec/3000sec)
    =0,88 cooling towers? ?(

    660 sec come from the generation time of 11 minutes, that the reactor planner says, when I use Plutonium.

    OK, I see. OK, then I want to build some of the 1 chamber ones. What is a good cooling tower design for this?

    Breeding system changed, this may be your issue. Also, you can get Pu from breeding, but it also needs centrifuging.

    He Cells = NaK Cells but for price and EU cost if you use the I Freeze to cool them down (which wastes lots of EUs ^^)

    But isn't Plutonium created from Uranium instead from Uranium Cells? And whats the | freeze?
    I also have a better Version of the design that produces more EU, but runs only for 4 Minutes: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…min9yqn0u542y7csvjlf7uakg
    Should I use this twice, or the first design twice, that runs longer, but produces less EU?


    I built a Powerplant which produces 14400 Eu/t with the Tower of Power Design form Sneekythelost, with 80 Reactors and 2 Breeder, some months ago. The problem is, that the Reactors does use way more Uranium then the Breeders can produce. So after some time, i got just 2000 Eu/t instead of 14400 because not every Reactor had enough Uranium. Instead of building 20 new breeders, I want to build a whole new powerplant, but not with compact Reactors that you can spam, I want some big ones. I came up with this: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…i8l7t1bufia0k34nmoihtaadc
    I would build 2 of them, then I would have enough Power for a Matter Fab, some Recyclers and the AE Network... But before building it I've some questions, so I don't blow up my world.
    -Is NAK or Helium better for cooling?
    -I don't have AE for 1.5, because my FTB Ultimate world doesn't work with the 1.5 Versions of FTB. Can I just place an almost dead cooling cell into the Export Bus from the reactor and a fully charged one into export bus of the cooling Tower for the cooling cells? And the same for the Import busses, or wil it pull out, every cell?
    -Which is the best version for cooling Towers?(That can cool the coolant cell as fast as possible)
    -Do I need a breeder for Plutonium?
    -Is a BC Gate fast enough to turn off the Reactor, when the cooling cells get out of the reactor, or are Thermal Monitors better? Or a other solution? Nothing with Timers, please?

    Should be all, hope you can help me.:)

    And yes, I'll build a Fusion Reactor for better EU Output soon, but I need now enough UU-Matter, to make some recourses I need.


    I build the Fusion Reactor in a test world, with this Tutorial: It works, but it will stop charging after some times. The EU-Reader says, that no EU comes in the reactor, but it's not fully charged yet. I placed the Deuterium in the 2 upper Injectors and Tritium in the bottom left Injector, like the guy in the tutorial did. And it's not using the Deuterium and Tritium and not making any of the Liquid plasma, what I need to generate the EU. Here's a pic of my setup:
    I'm using the GregTech Version that's in FTB Ultimate.

    Guys, maybe you didn't notice but the main advantage of this is space efficiency. This reactor power tower takes up a 5x5 area, giving a space efficiency of 14400/45=576eu/t/block. Thats higher even higher than an ultimate hybrid solar panel (512 eu/t/block since you can't stack them). Its sad that you have to do something this complicated to only just beats solars though.

    The only thing I can think of is that your AE network is eating up some of your power. Granted, it'd have to be a huge network to consume 460 eu/t, but if you're running the network all around your base then its not hard to imagine that happening.

    No that's not the problem. I power my AE Network with Geothermal Generators not with my Nuclear Energy. But I think I know what the Problem could be: I've 26 Glass fibre Cable. It's a bit more than a half EU loss. And an Eu-Detector Cable which has a los of a half EU, so I lose a bit more than 1 Eu/t. I need the detector Cable to detect whether the AESU is full or not. I know there's a block fo that, but It's not in the GregTech Version of FTB and the newer ones don't work. Some reactors wil output only 179 EU because of the loss, but is there a trick or something like that, to avoid that? A MFSU/MFE/BatBox wont work, because there would get faster filled, than they can output, and it would waste even more Eu.