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    I spent about 16 hours trying to modify this file but ... i'm an Architect in the real life, but i wish some day be a computer programmer and do this mods (in minecraft or minecraft III: Huger Games Version xD).

    But now ... Please xD, Could you do it? (and too many people want too xD)

    Imagine ... Light Control! You can feel like General Electrics xD

    I prove this in a creative map too and ... They don't generate lag. I connect 100 Luminators (0,25 EU/tick) to a batbox (32 EU/tick) and ... they work correctly. But my idea is turn on and turn off this Luminators with a lever, so they only work when i want xD

    You don't want to modify it like that, it's recommended to implement your own Luminator just building on the API or at the very least subclass the existing TileEntityLuminator.

    And How i can do it? There is some tutorial or something?

    Or for example ... Could any IC2 modder create a "0 EU Capacity Luminator" for me or for the next update?

    Hi again guys!

    I want to modify Luminators Capacity. I want to do myself, so:

    - I install MCP
    - I install Eclipse
    - I install Mod Forge

    I want to modify this file: "TileEntityLuminators.class". I open it in eclipse and founded the part i want to modify:

    // Method descriptor #91 ()I
    // Stack: 1, Locals: 1
    public int getMaxEnergy();
    0 sipush 10000
    3 ireturn
    Line numbers:
    [pc: 0, line: 195]
    Local variable table:
    [pc: 0, pc: 4] local: this index: 0 type: ic2.core.block.wiring.TileEntityLuminator

    The problem is .... How I can modify this .class file?

    And thanks!

    I think the regular luminators should have a very small or nonexistent capacity.

    If you want the storage functionality, perhaps you'd have to upgrade them with re-batteries.

    Nope. Luminators have 10000 UE capacity. They consume 0,25 EU/tick, and spent all this energy in 33,3 minutes.

    I want luminator switch on and switch off when I use a lever or a button (with 0 EU capacity)


    I'm building a city in my minecraft's world, and i want to use elecricity (providing by nuclear reactor) to iluminate the city, but i have a problem ...
    Luminators have 10000 EU capacity, and they spent all this energy in 33,3 minutes. I want luminators only works when i want (using a lever in a Batbox or something).

    Question is .... Can i change luminators capacity by myself? (from 10000 EU to 32 EU for example).

    Another idea is to create a new luminator with 0 EU capacity that only works when it receives electricity.

    And thanks! ^^

    (sorry if there is any mistake in text. My english level is low :D )