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    You got two problems :
    1 : "If you got this block from a wrench, which is NOT directly belonging to IC2... report it to that mod NOT GregTech" (this means you have to report the bug to gravisuit).
    2 : You are using an ancient version of GregTech. Currently there is a new Wrenching API implemented by greg.

    1) Yes, I realize that. But it's not GraviSuite's fault the server crashed immediately after placing, and that the block wouldn't load as an assembling machine. Upon placing the block, it picks up the glitch block with all other IC2-compatible wrenches.

    2) That one's my fault, I had completely forgotten that it's a 1.4.7 pack. Still, there may or may not be a bug present in the code. All I want to know is if it has been fixed or not, and if it hasn't, it probably should be.

    A member of the server I play on attempted to place an assembling machine, only to have the server immediately crash. It restarted almost instantly, which is very unusual - it usually takes around a minute for this one. When he logged back in, all his GregTech machines began loading....the assembling machine never did. He wrenched it (a shift + right-click rather than a normal right click) with a GraviTool from the GraviSuite addon, and "legitly acquired" the block. Upon placement, it wouldn't turn into an assembling machine, and he could wrench the glitch block again.
    Neither of us have been able to replicate this with other machines (or another assembling machine). Shift + right-clicked loading machines and all. I'd assume it has to do with the server randomly restarting - but according to the admin, RAM and CPU usage weren't high at all. It restarted as soon as the block was placed. As far as I know, it wasn't because of the wrenching.

    This was on a Feed The Beast Ultimate v1.1.2 modpack.

    A few screenshots (sorry about the high FOV)