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    Hey. I dropped the Uncomplication.jar in the mods folder and started the game successfully. I wanted to edit the config now to bisable some of the recipes but unfortunately I can't find the file in the configs folder. IS there any other way to generate it or do I have to edit it directly in the .jar?

    Getting the same issue. It seems this mod doesn't generate a config file. Tried version Uncomplication-1.10.2-

    Using Fastcraft 1.16 and Mekanism
    Someone placed a Mekanism generator in flowing lava on our server which produced the following error:


    Not sure if it's a Fastcraft or Mekanism issue so posting it here just in case it might be useful. Also posted an issue on Mekanism Github here:

    Should be fixed in Mekanism

    This is not actually my Error. It happens in a second Thread. The Command Thread fails to read something, such as a Permissions File or similar. Look at your Text Files containing the Permissions for Commands, there must be an Error.

    The server is running plain Forge without any kind of permission plugins. Also the file system permissions were setup correctly.

    So I did things the hard way and put half the mods aside, started the server, if the server would start then move half of the mods put aside back, start server again, etc. In the end I was left with a few mods that would sometimes crash the server on startup, but not always. I tried various combinations of those mods, but couldn't get it to consequently start or fail.

    Then I removed GregTech and the server would start every time with all the other mods present. So it may not be your error, but it's definitely GregTech related.

    I also tried the 4.04h version which produced this ForgeModLoader-server-0.log:

    Strange thing is, this problem only occurs on my Linux server. On Windows it runs just fine.

    Not sure if this information is relevant, but just in case:

    On a Linux server Minecraft keeps crashing during the OreDictinary Handler activation phase with a Java I/O error. Unfortunately the error doesn't mention which mod is causing the problem or what file it's trying to read. All I know is it keeps happening during the OreDictionary Handler activation phase.


    The same server instance on a Windows 7 computer starts without this problem.

    Any ideas what might be causing this?

    I have a question about the InventoryUnification feature. What is the intended benefit behind it?

    At the moment we're having an issue with Force Sticks from Dartcraft that instantly turn back into regular sticks, thus breaking a lot of tools in that mod. DartCraft has a fix in the works so the problem should be resolved soon.

    I'm just curious what the thought behind the unification is exactly.

    Ahh, I just see mDiyo finally reads what I just said on this Thread. Hopefully, this has more effect than the PMs, I sent back to him after his request.

    I just hope he doesn't refuse to change the Fortune attribute's behavior out of stubbornness or because of any harsh words. Not everyone responds well to your famous blunt and direct approach ;)

    I hope I'm not double posting this issue, I couldn't find any mention of it on the past 10 pages or so.

    Tinker's Construct as of version 3.6.1 gives a warning about a GregTech exploit and tells you to disable all of GregTech's reverse smelting recipes.

    The exploit is that breaking Greg's storage blocks drops the dust equivalent of that ingot
    which is effected by the Luck and Autosmelt modifiers, so you would end
    up with potentially 10-27 ingots per block that took 9 ingots to make.

    Would it be possible for GregTech to detect the presence of Tinker's construct and adjust the recipes accordingly?