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    is the 9x9 such that it is 4 on each side of the player (player being the 5th block)

    H H H H O H H H H


    9 blocks from the player on every side?

    H H H H H H H H H O H H H H H H H H H

    Anyone else getting the problem that when they have one or multiple overclocker modules installed on a machine that the game simply lags out. It seems that hte SOUND process takes up 20-30% of the games total processing resources when this happens. If i take them off and restart the game, doesnt happen.


    Started up my new breeder with the following config:


    So the design inside the browser says it will blow up after a few minutes but its been running for about 20 minutes straight and charged all the cells you see there. Wondering whether or not the tool is broken or im juts not using it right.

    The two ice stacks, as long as they are refilled periodically, keep the generator at enough heat for 8 enrichment ticks per cell per second on the cells surrounded by 4 uranium cells.

    My question is this, is it possible to get more than 8 ticks per second?


    Why not simply, ignore the H.Coal Cell? Its not like its doing any harm to you since the only use for it, its for fuel for generators (Which you dont need) and the jetpack.

    If you are doing it for the jetpack, go with the Biofuel Cell way and its almost the same but more abundant with a penalty on the amount of fuel power.

    That's what i'm currently doing, juts wondering whether or not it would be a good idea to introduce something like H. CharCoal cell. Basically, i produce an assload of Charcoal anyway, be nice to put it into cells and use it instead of regular coal.

    From a developers perspective, its good to know that items in your game that you have painstakingly created are useless so that you can develop them more thoroughly in the future.

    Basically just putting my 2 cents on the board and seeing if it perhaps will become something useful in the future :).

    It is very abundant, which is nice; however, even with all i can scrape i have NO coal once i get done creating solar flowers and armor.

    Point is, the H.Coal cell right now is useless and should either be taken out of the game entirely or substituted for something else. I wouldnt mind making H. Charcoal cell with TWICE the amount of coal needed to produce the same cell, thus limiting the viability of unlimited / easy power if Alblaka wanted to.

    Improve HCOAL CELL

    Since you can only make coal dust with the REAL coal, not Charcoal and as the relative scarcity of Coal dust is important to the development in the game as solar panels, diamonds, and nano armor use it in gratuitous quantities i would like to suggest the following changes.


    H. Coal cell should take Charcoal Dust / Water which would be made out of Charcoal, not coal, thus eliminating the bottleneck of REAL coal dust from such things as Solar Panels and Nano Armor.

    This would make the JET PACK / FURNACE usage of fuel effective and not a waste. As is, the H.Coal cell is not useful at all.

    Same as existing with the modification of creating one more object, Charcoal Dust

    FIrst off, Solar power is not a starting power supply, no matter what the creator or other users say.

    Fossil Fuel Generator > Geo Thermal > Wind > Solar > Nuclear.

    Generally i follow that guideline when transversing the tiers of power. First, burn Charcoal, create a harvesting forest (usually 15 blocks high underground) so the trees are easy to access. Second, once you get access to a shit-ton of lava, invest inan MSFU or MFE and get about 20 buckets of lava per trip. This is easily the most convenient method of power generation in quantity early on. Lastly, choose between Solar, and Wind.

    Solar 1 EU /T means you got lots of investment in batbox's and MFE to mitigate loss; however, once setup are very viable.

    Wind as you mentioned, very expensive due to distances, but they run almost constantly which solar do not unless you have a bed everywhere you plan to go.

    Once you have a few diamonds, store some spare energy from various resources and choose your nuclear solution of choice, personally i grab a bunch of glass cables and do a 5 layer dome level 6 or bedrock, but thats just me, then run it all up glass fiber with an MFSU. Not the best method, but mititates damage if i forget to check the generator or miss something.

    Hope that helped. Key here is once you get enough power, grab a miner and a pump. Miners do wonders to speed the tech-tree.

    OK, i get how MFSU's work. i understand that the output is the side with the O, input all others. i looked at the guide, but i still cannot get this to work.

    Basically, i have a wind farm, took eons to get the resources since i dont like to cheat. It goes like this:

    :Wind Mill: :Cable: :MFS-Unit:1 :Cable: 1 :HV-Transformer: 3 :Cable: 3 :HV-Transformer: 1 :Cable: 0 :MFS-Unit:

    Sending side* is now powered by redstone, both sides have a stepper, i dont know whats wrong here.

    Can anyone help?

    numbers indicate sides with # of holes