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    This here is your real problematic mod, not IC2. My best idea is HeliostatPower is using the old API, or your version of IC2 is too old for the API being used, thus the error with IC2's installation. (Big changes with IC2 and IC2 Experimental = cause crashes with other mods that have not updated)

    Check your versions, making sure both are for your Minecraft version and both compatible with each other.

    As it stands right now, I have a laser beam reflecting off when it hits any blocks with a material tag of glass. The reason I say that is to bring up a discussion on if any glass block should reflect or should there be predetermined mirror blocks that are the only "reflectors"

    Both options work and I can't decide. Both work scientifically (for the most part) and both would work in-game.

    So the question is, any glass block or specific mirror blocks to reflect laser beams


    Breakers I see a good use for, but why item upgrade based fuses? If I am going to take the extra time to make a fuse for each machine, why don't I just make transformer upgrades?

    I was thinking about some sort message sending device of science, but decided it would not be used very much, and unless it was heavily requested in future versions I would leave it out. But if you guys think it would be somewhat useful, then why not? Comments?

    And yes, violet is a color.

    As for the custom laser beam color and attributes, I already have working code for everything from 400nm to 10^-6nm, just need a 'good' way to customize it. Currently I have a rheostat (Used in circuits to adjust voltage/current IRL *confirmed to be used with changing laser diode wavelengths by an engineer at the local Boston Scientific) that is added to the circuit and can just adjusted though my own custom laser table. Currently, the only tool added by me is a micro screwdriver, used for adjusting the rheostat. I feel this would allow the most usefulness in future updates.

    My reason for explaining this now: Do you think that is too complex? Any better suggestions?

    Also if you can Texture/Model, please shoot me a PM. I am in need for a few textures and maybe a better laser table model as I feel mine looks to bland/dull.

    Is this for you to adjust the IC2's mining drill or create your own? Unless a few other people could use something like this, it seems a bit overkill verses extending ToolMiningDrill (or whatever that class is called) and overriding needed things

    Well as Greg said, all that stuff is possible with the events he created. Including the beam, which honestly can just be manipulated by making the gun shoot faster and overriding/extending the beam's render size.

    As for replacing the laser all together, I want to give people the opportunity to use my advanced lasers verses IC2's relatively simple one, though all change to the render would likely change how IC2's beam is rendered as well.

    An upgrade to give the mining laser, when holding down the mouse key, a constant single beam instead of little ones?

    I had to think real hard on this one. Is this something that you guys want? If so, then I would be willing to find yet more ways to override IC2's classes. The problem is I don't want to change the visual aspect of too many things. (I want the mod to work WITH the existing mining laser, not REPLACING it.)

    Greetings fellow earthlings!

    Lately I have been working on a mod that brings much more usability and 'awesomeness' (Yes, even more awesome) to the Mining Laser. It started out as more of a way for me to learn more about the IC2 API for my tutorial videos, but now I have been spending more and more time perfecting it with hopes to distribute it Soon^TM.

    The reason I am here today is I need your input. So far I have a few code-customizable lasers, dubed Lazerz, and I need a way to customize it in-game. I was thinking a "stand" type thing in game where you place an advanced circuit and add upgrades like redstone for more power or flowstone for more range to create a new item called a "lazer circuit". You then use this laser circuit in your recipe and boom, you have your customized laser. I like to stay away from GUIs unless 100% needed. I feel they take away from the game play by moving player's attention from your block/item to a new, complex and confusing display.

    Any ideas? Go wild with them! What do you think or what do you want?

    The NoSuchMethod error basically tells us that IC2 is asking for a piece of code that does not exist at that place. The most common reason is an incorrect version used. Looking through the loaded mods, it appears you are using version 1.117.921 on 1.6.2 which, if I remember correctly, is meant for either 1.5 or 1.6.1.

    For your current version, 1.6.2, use a build in the 1.118.400s (Latest would probably be best)

    If you are interested in the newer versions of IC2 (With all the cool new toys), I would use the experimental. The newest are for 1.6.4, just so you know. (I know 1.6.2 works on 1.6.4, but I am not 100% about the other way.) Experimental found here:

    In the API look for a class called BasicSink. ( It is by far the easiest way to make a machine.

    At the top of your TileEntity (Right after the extends TileEntity line) add this:

    private BasicSink electricSlicer = new BasicSink(this, <maxBufferPower>, <tier>)

    Thats how you would get started. You would need to add more methods to get it to do anything useful.

    If you look into that file there is an example TileEntity. Just copy, paste and edit what you need.

    As far as Java goes, simply importing a class does not do anything. You need to do something in the actual code section.

    The traditional way would be implementing IEnergySink, though you have to manage a lot of things from there. Thats where BasicSink comes in handy.

    Hope that helps

    You could make your own custom dyes. Like white dye instead of bone meal, blue dye instead of lapis, etc.

    There are other mods that add custom dyes like that, so I would recommend registering them with the same OreDict. At the moment I do not know what the name is, but I would assume they wouldn't be too difficult to find.

    I was actually thinking about doing it that way, but thought the way I did it would be a little more simple and compact. Was not aware he was going to make it metadata based, good to know.