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    Is there any downside of adding IC2 & GregTech later to modpack and to the already existing world? I know i will have to generate new chunks to get all the world generated stuff but are there any bugs or some incompatibilities i should know about?

    While ago assembled modpack with 60 mods including IC2 & GT, started the world but after while decided there is nothing interesting in these 2 mods I will ever need. Decided to get rid of these 2 mods and start new world, because with both these mods game loading times are freaking long and memory consumption is massive. Waiting over 5 minutes for game to load and allocating 5GB of memory for it.... :thumbdown: To be honest GregTech once was fantastic mod, I like complicated and technical stuff, but now it is unnecessarily overwhelming (GregTech 5). So decided to create new world (because deleting both now causes corrupted, bugged world) and start over (goodbye wasted 150+ hours :( ) and add IC2 & GT in the end when I have explored and completed all other mods... but not sure if it will be possible later.

    So after many hours digging I found out it has something to do with dimensions looks like dimension id's got mixed up or something... continuing the search...

    Update. ID's are fine. So - when I create new world - it's fine, when I use my old world, Overworld mobs spawn in nether and twilight forest... so something definitely wrong with my old world. Any ideas? My old world works perfectly fine with my old config files, but with fresh generated configs - this bug happens.

    Update2. Seems like problem is with biome id's, they are registered with wrong dimensions and mobs spawn outside their dimensions. Now have to rewrite biome id's in all config files... :wacko:

    Here's the list of mods I'm using

    It doesn't spawn them with my old config backups, but I can't find which mod does that, i looked through all config files... maybe i missed it...

    Try decreasing the heap size (XmX, Xms), 4/5 GB may be pushing it. Minecraft, the OS and other programs need a substantial amount outside the heap.

    that actually fixed it :D I lowered it a little and now it consumes less memory and it's playable. I feel embarrassed now, I used this parameter wrong :whistling: I had similar problem in 1.6.4 modpack, so I used PermSize parameter there instead.

    Hello. I have a huge problem... Let's begin with how it started. I had my own modpack for MC 1.6.4, but since all mods continued to be developed and updated for MC 1.7.10 decided to update my modpack to version 1.7.10. Everything was fine, assembled modpack, played for few hours to test mod settings. Then put it aside for few weeks. When finally decided to play - problem occurred, Minecraft started to use up all available memory, I have 8GB of RAM, i have set parameter -Xmx5G -Xms4G, deleted resource pack but problem still persists, deleted everything except mods, re-downloaded and tried again with default mod settings (deleted folder so they can create fresh settings) and nothing, problem still actual. Even tried to use parameter -XX:PermSize=5G -XX:MaxPermSize=5G (I played 1.6.4 with this parameter). Strange thing is that I now have less mods than I had in 1.6.4 so memory consumption should be even less.

    I have JAVA 8.31 64-bit, Forge version, 8GB of RAM. I'm out of ideas. What could be the problem? Is some mod causing memory leaks, how to learn which one?

    How does it works ? Can I see some pics ^.^ :D :P ;D

    sorry, no pics, only my old sketches on paper and resource calculations :D Nothing complex or special, just cluster of 160 watermills that generate energy from water surrounding them. But i made it look really fancy, like complete structure that generates power - "Watermill reactor". 8 sections around middle structure, clusters of 20 mills (4 in each row, 5 rows) in each section. Had plans to make 10 rows in each section, but gathering resources would take soooo much time, that's why it became "small watermill reactor." :D If i manage to re-create it, will upload some pics, but won't be soon as i'm starting new game and configured world to generate 3 times less amount of ores. :whistling: Don't see point in having all this fancy machinery if there is more than enough ores generated in the world. :D

    1.6.4 has REALLY unfinished IC2 E-net (the main purpose for GT e-net) , so it really won´t be as you want. BTW. 2 batboxes = explosion on 1.6.4....33Eu = explosion....for big projects, you should use 1.7 :)

    GT4 (MC 1.6.4) and GT5 (MC 1.7.10) are very different mods. We have moved over to GT5 a long time ago, including wikis, Q/As and anything else.

    Thank you for warning. 1.7.10 then :D I wan't to re-create my old project from modded MC 1.5.2 - "watermill reactor". :rolleyes: Small reactor - 160 watermills, very expensive project, but generates loads of power from nothing.


    Q: My IC2 Blocks and Cables don't supply GT Blocks and Cables, HALP!!!


    A: The IC2 Enet changed in a way I cannot fully support anymore, it would lag horribly if I added Support for it and I don't want Lag.

    Greg, version 1.6.4 supports IC2 cables, so i was wondering, are there lag issues with cables in IC2 + GregTech latest version for MC 1.6.4? Starting massive project, so wanted to double check, just in case so i don't have to start over :|

    Recently decided to start playing modded MC again and noticed most mods are now updated for MC 1.7.10, decided assemble new mod pack for 1.7.10 (played 1.6.4 before).

    Today tested GregTech mod and noticed loads of new things, but my main concern is that it will become much easier to play. I have noticed that many machines have different tiers, meaning higher the tier - more efficient machine. Is it much easier now or still grindy and hard? In 1.6.4 had plans for ore processing plant - many interconnected machines that in the end produce ingots fast and as efficient as possible. But now with these multi-tier machines i'm afraid this thing becomes obsolete - most likely few high tier machines can do this faster than my processing plant. :( So, how is the difficulty curve, is it easier or harder?