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    The problem with x-ray lasers or gamma lasers is that IRL we do not know how to make a lazing chamber which lazes in either of those spectrums. however, if this was an option, they would likely basically result in a laser which exploded on impact, as when a laser hits something, it throws up a 'cloud' of dust which then reduces the effectiveness of a solid-beam laser, however when using X-rays or gamma rays, there would be so much more energy in the waves that they would cause extremely fast heating of the target, resulting in what appears to be an explosion.

    in regards to mirrors: there should be a different mirror block for each range of waves, and perhaps a much more expensive mirror which could change its reflectivity to reflect a larger range of waves

    Perhaps in the production of the laser, you could make many different lazing chambers, which are interchangeable but each produces a different color of light

    also there should be a chemical laser, which uses some sort of fuel (, and a electrical laser which consumes a large amount of energy, but which can be charged(

    also, not sure if this should be here or in the gregtech area, but maybe add a laser which is designed to result in fusion, so there is an alternative to the tokamak, but which must be cooled substantially(

    lastly, cooling the laser is a big problem with lasers, so maybe to nerf them a bit you would be forced to use coolant, (liquid air for low tier, then liquid nitrogen for mid tier, then liquid helium for high tier)

    Suggestion: 3D Printer and 3D scanner

    (this might be similar to the proposed and accepted CNC mill, but i could not find that suggestion)

    3D scanner would scan items into a data storage device (maybe a blueprint?) this could then be put into the 3D printer, which would craft i from its base items (take for example a lapotron crystal, you scan it to figure out that it takes lapis, sapphires (note, uses cheapest recipe, but not configurable by player) and electric circuits. however, it then records that electric circuits require refined iron, red stone and copper cables. cables require copper and rubber. basically this is all input to the blueprint.

    the printer is probably a single block, very high tier, requires lots of EU, but not an excruciating amount of time. also you can add nozzles as upgrades, three max (comes with one by default) when it begins to print the lapotron crystal, it starts by printing as many copper cable recipes as it needs, and because this recipe requires two items, it can use a max of 2 nozzles for top efficiency for that recipe. when it has all the cables it begins by assembling the circuits, which require 3 ingredients, so i can use 3 nozzles for top efficiency. then, it uses those circuits for finial assembly of the crystal, again using 3 nozzles (nozzle upgrades are non removable) (if one wants to make 1 lapo, then one must insert all the ingredients for the entire thing at the beginning, and these ingredients disappear. it is impossible to recover the mid step items from the machine, ie you cannot extract the circuits while it is making a lapo.) (for those that used tekkit awhile ago, this machine is designed to do a similar thing to the crafting bench Mk III)

    However, this machine would not be able to create any item that required items that were not "created by addition" ie it could use iron if an iron block was used, but if you wanted to make a wooden tool it would be impossible without inputting sticks and planks, because you "break" logs into planks, and planks into sticks

    Maybe the CNC mill could act in a similar way, but could only break things down, ie be a really high tier way of making planks from logs, or maybe it could be a kind of "uncrafting table"

    To keep you safe from radiation you must use a lead box (tool box + 8 lead), has 27 slots, able to carry any radioactive thing (including UE ones).
    Also, greg you could make uranium/thorium/plutonium stuff radioactive giving wither II/I/III respectively.
    Thorium is Harmless, Uranium should just give you hunger, and you can eat more plutonium then Pure Caffiene before dying, perhaps this:
    Thorium = Hunger 1
    Uranium = Hunger 5 >
    Plutonium = Hunger 5 + Wither 1

    Plutonium should be MUCH worse that it currently is. (see first Paragraph: maybe what it is in your inventory and not in a lead box, it would spontaneously degenerate into unstable plutonium, which burns the player, gives wither 4, (insert many other bad potion effects) ignite blocks around the player and gives the player indefinite extreme poison (Pu can be as toxic as nerve agents) which inflicts many points of damage very quickly (also the Pu is still absorbed int the body through the skin, but also it in atmosphere it flakes off, and can be inhaled (maybe ignored if waring HAZMAT)

    Also what if stack size is reduced for radioactive elements to more accurately reflect its critical mass (you would not want to hold 64 ingots of Pu cast into a solid form (=spontaneous fission))

    So would the chemical separator have all the recipes of the industrial electrolyzer and industrial centrifuge, and then more recipes specific to itself, or would it just have recipes specific to itself, or would it be like a tier above the industrial electrolyzer/centrifuge so similar recipes but different products
    (think sticky resin, some output in a furnace, better output in an extractor, significantly better in a industrial centrifuge...)

    I agree that oil should be improved, but i feel that it should also include a modified oil mechanic (oil spawns underground, harms player, can be mined with a mid to high tier "drilling rig" multi-block structure, structure is modular, i.e; you need a pump to pump oil out, pump to pump water in for faster extraction, drill for breaking the rock above it, blowout preventer for saving methane, possibly even a fracking mechanic (including a chemical mixer and a multiplex pump) for shale, but due to the political volatility of said mechanic, it might be disadvantageous to implement this sort of thing). basically i would like a more accurate representation of real world oil exploration and development, with more real world machines such as a "hydrocracker" block which can be placed in the same distillation tower structure and separate "Oil Sands" into polymers (plastics), a small amount of coal coke, a small amount of fuel and oil, but there would be two modes, such as in real life, where the said machine can operate at different "temperatures" where high temps give more plastics, and lower temps give more oil. this machine would uses energy, hydrogen cells and water (or RC steam)

    For oil sand extraction, the rig would be required and it would require a heater, a pump and lots of water to inject steam into the oil sands to get the oil sands back. this would be a substantially faster way of getting oil sands, but strip mining would be another option. (Possibly RC steam could be used as a substitute for the heater and the water) Possibly the Oil sands could produce Vanadium, which could be used in-place of titanium and (maybe) chrome (but due to balance, refining would have to produce very small amounts of vanadium) Vanadium could also be used in the production of super conductors, though with a low degree of efficiency.

    Afterword: this are all preliminary ideas, and quite possibly have balance issues, but i was intrigued by the topic, and felt that the "industrial mod" and the "technological addon" did not address the crucial industrial field of oil, its extraction, its refining, and its end products